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    AllDeaf Memorial

    I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Bottesini. I really liked her humor and perspectives on many things. Also my sympathies on the others. A lot has happened in two years.
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    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    I don't have as near as many posts as others but I have been raising my daughter and setting up my law practice, I have not even really blinked an eye much for these forums. I do the occasional yearly reading if that counts. I know the forum has lost several members in my absence. I am sorry to...
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    Oregon community college shooting, multiple casualties

    Any restrictions? Are you talking about state, federal, or local? California and Washington D.C. have some the toughest restrictions. States like New Mexico and Texas have some different gun laws regarding open carry/concealed carry but it is much easier to purchase a firearm. You cannot expect...
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    Oregon community college shooting, multiple casualties

    :giggle: Hoichi, you first...tell me how that 'ban' goes.
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    Funny Gifs/Pics

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    Oregon community college shooting, multiple casualties

    True. I only own my revolver. I guess my response was pointless but whatever. :D
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    Oregon community college shooting, multiple casualties

    A gun safe won't protect my daughter and if I need to actually use mine. I honestly think having a nice safe is good for some people but since I legally carry mine (and keep it close at night), a gun safe would do me more harm than good. There's no way I could get a really good safe in my small...
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    Thank you AllDeaf!

    Thank you for the cat pictures, gifs, and memes most of all. :lol: Actually thanks for the humor, discussions, and learning a lot about deaf/HOH/Deaf people in general...and helping me learn to get over my own hearing loss. :)
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    1 dead and 5 injured in burglary

    Bingo! My opinion the man is just at fault as the one pulling the trigger. The fact they broke into the house aware (no matter they claim this and that) that someone might be inside...there is always that chance.
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    Which countries have the death penalty for drug smuggling?

    Saudi Arabia is not a paragon of freedom. Women are not allowed to drive and them following Sharia law is not "a diamond" in freedom. Women are beaten for stupid stuff including not wearing a veil properly. Women can't due anything. If you think that country is friend in the Middle East, I have...
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    Florida man gets year in jail for running over 9 ducklings with a lawnmower

    :shock: Sounds like a person waiting to have a hate crime added to his record. Jeez!
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    Calvin, you're SO in trouble mister...

    Happy Birthday. Sorry I'm late. :)
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    Should Netflix Be Accessible to the Deaf?

    No, they got various ones though in Japanese and Korean (romance/whatever). The day I see Kuroi ame on Crunchyroll, I'll eat my shoe. That is a film anyone watching Asian films about war need to see, at least those about Hiroshima. I have yet to see an English subtitled version of the movie...