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    Wisdom of the Forum needed

    See the problem I have is that in the last five years we have had five occupational therapists, & I have been assured that my partners record states that all contact be via Email only as I am profoundly deaf & cannot lipread down the phone. I don`t sign either, The way I see it is that if...
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    Wisdom of the Forum needed

    I have never asked for help before & I've just encountered an issue I have no idea how to deal with, which is why I am here. I am a full time carer for my wife who is bed bound with an un-diagnosed spinal condition,Epilepsy & Fibromyalgia. Just recently as my hearing has deteriorated I've...
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    KaLore intro

    Hi, I am a 54 yr old profoundly deaf man,who as a baby doctors told my mother that they might be able to do something as regards my deafness but also warned my mother that there was a possibility what residual hearing I had could be lost by their surgery, so my mother told them that would be a...