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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    That's great! :cool2:
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    I am tired of feeling alone :(

    yea but young kids priorities a lot different now than when we were 15. it's a very different world.
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    "What the h*** is wrong with women today?"

    Plus I think most dating sites in general kinda suck. How much of the problem is the dating site itself?
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    thoughs on deaf/hearing relationships?

    Its never worked for me. I've dating hearing girls a few times but they allways got frustrate and would leave. I guess it happens a lot but I don't think deaf and hearing couples tend to work out well.
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    We are NOT from Earth....!?

    Sounds a lot like Scientology. This guy and Tom Cruise should compare notes.
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    Teen deaf girl looking for friends

    Welcome! I'm a lot older you but I also love Brad Pitt and I don't care who knows it. But we're not married.:shock:
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    How are you feeling today?....

    I feel tired but good after a really hard workout at gym. It was awesome but I'm pooped.
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    single and looking

    Don't worry. Your young and VERY pretty! It's us olders who should worry. I'm a 47 yr old deaf dude who just got his ass dumped by a hearing woman!:Ohno: Feeling VERY single and out of options.
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    Would you call me a loser?

    Goodness no your not a loser! SO many people in your position, both deaf and hearies. I'm curous tho why you think you drive men away? Do you really think that's true?
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    Who is single here?

    Wanting sex makes guy a perv?
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    Who is single here?

    GAH! Ladies would you actually put your tongue anywhere near this guys mouth?
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    What are the best forums, and dating sites?

    I have had really good luck meeting Deafs at Link is in my sig below:
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    why so many deaf single men?

    I think everyone took what I say to seriously. I was joking and NOT serious!
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    why so many deaf single men?

    Ummmm....this was meant as a joke & wuz supposd to be ironic. I wasn't being serious here and I said NOTHING about your man anyway!
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    why so many deaf single men?

    I know the chip on my shoulder and festering resentment towards women in general gets me laid all the time. I don't know what it is, but women always seem to go for a guy who's insecure, immature, jaded and hates himself.