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    Unique kitten joplin/springfield mo (great for even families and they are gorgeous)

    Please never label them part bengals. They have no bengal blood one can tell the difference between the real deal and any 75% bengal has no where near this type of fur or head structures. I know because I see tons of them and own a pureblooded Bengal. Nor is the lynx one near a lynx point...
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    Buying a House

    Am curious if the bank and the lawyers involved are required to provide ASL interprerer if I request one during the closing day when signing documents?
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    Black Pastor: If Black Lives Matter, Why Are More Blacks Killed By Abortion Than By The Police?

    Did anyone do research on profound deaf people and the police ? Was curious the other day what the odds were vs blacks in ratio
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    Do You Still Feel Safe?

    Gangs, cartels and drug dealers are more of a threat than a terrorist. BTW Your more likely to be murdered by someone you know.
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    Can Deafies Teach?

    I don't get it. If you can speak 4 languages and is asking if you can teach.....if you have a masters in something you are eligible to teach in most community colleges that is a smaller classroom setting and might be easier for you to talk in the classroom. If you have a hard time hearing...
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    Cobra Man

    I am kind of a skeptic but their eyes were covered up by the shedding that's why they're missing their strikes and the dude zeroing on the shedded snakes due to him constantly checking their eyes as snakes are blind when they shed?
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Wondering why I'm back on this forum as don't know anyone here anymore but on other hand trying to quit FB for a week and see if its gets better
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    Female Roommate

    Derek, do you really want to degrade yourself and feel used by a mooching woman who will just give you some grief and rob you blind and shes gone along with your identy info without a word when another opportunity arises for her? Fix yourself before getting involved with someone. For the...
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    Lansing Illinois

    Maybe some members from IAD can give you a shoutout. Whoever you are its not that far from NIU?
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    How to record VP calls? To prove doctors refusing interpreters

    I'm wondering, just frustrated with doctors of any kind trying to get interpreters set up for office visits is just downright a huge obstacle. The last doctor I set up an appointment a month ago, I had to explain to the rude office lady on the phone that I cannot simply go to a doctor that...
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    Friend sent me a video, Can you tell me what it says?

    :roll: what was the point of your friend sending you this video? This isn't a conversation happening between friends.
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    For adults who were BORN deaf & transitioned from HA to CI

    I dont think it is that easy with my magnet. Its very deep in my head. It was done early 90s. I was first few people to get it. ENT even rrecommend not to remove it. Its not the same as later recipients.
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    Given the chance to choose between hearing and Deaf who would choose to remain Deaf?

    I remain deaf by choice. I like silence better