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    MVP is success!!

    When I saw the MVP in Video 3, Using MVP on highway, I knew it has to be Cradlepoint router with USB Wireless. Those are great devices! Several Purple reps have those and it works great when trying to demo at Expo booth in non-Wifi hotspot area to show people how MVP works. What's...
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    Purplemail Bug?

    Purple mail was down for few days. New features are coming! Find out on Monday!! I'll give you ONE hint.. 30 messages instead of 15. There's more. You'll have to wait until Monday April 6th.
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    So uhh, who got their MVP yet?

    That's the problem. Please call HOVRS Customer Support to send you GSW file for your DIR-655 OR instructions on what to put in your Port Forwarding/Application Rules for your DIR-655. Then everything will work.
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    So uhh, who got their MVP yet?

    DON'T DO IT!! if you reset the router then MVP will not work. The reps is suppose to give you the password for your router. I'm HOVRS rep and I have MVP.
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    MVP = Mobile Video Phone

    Private Purple Party will be at Jacksonville next Monday & Tuessday March 9 &10. I will be at Orlando Private Purple Party on March 14th. Looking forward to meet people there.
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    Fast food clerk won't follow my written order

    I had this same problem with KFC, I wrote down exactly what I want, in perfect prints that is so easy to read. I got the order wrong. I reported it back to the cashier - guess what, that cashier is actually the manager! He have me a bad attitude so I called KCF Headquarter and explain what...
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    One Implant Made an Impact. Might Two Do Even More?

    Ask your Audiology if there's firmware upgrade for your BTE ? I never thought of that. I got four BTEs during Spring 2008 and all four have the H6 feature to prevent wrong coil on wrong implants.
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    One Implant Made an Impact. Might Two Do Even More?

    Impossible. The Freedom knows the serial number in your implant and if it don't match, then error message " H6" will appear on your BTE. H6 means wrong coil. It will PREVENT sending sounds therefore you should NOT hear anything from wrong BTE. I have CIs since 1988, bilaterals and I know a...
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    Deaf guy on CBS's "The Amazing Race"

    What's wrong with your TiVo? I'm TiVo expert and I have four of them.
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    Another Update *sigh*

    Is it possible that you need a new mapping and lower everything by 5% so the loudness won't bother you. I have CI in both ears and they works great. Both are equality balance.
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    Deaf guy on CBS's "The Amazing Race"

    No english subtitle on that one. BUT, for elimination station, there's english subtitle!! :)
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    Ghost Hunter

    Last year I bought GH DVD set and discovered it's not CC, I send three complaint letters to them about it. No reply. :(
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    Deaf guy on CBS's "The Amazing Race"

    It's tonight!! Don't forget to set your TiVo/DVR for this show. Make sure to add one hour lap to this show. Sometimes Amazing race starts 30 minutes late due to sports.
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    Is GHOST really real?

    Don't you have TiVo or any DVR?
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    One Implant Made an Impact. Might Two Do Even More?

    Hi, I'm one of 5,500 adult bilateral ci users. I'm glad I have two instead of one, and They are much better than crappy hearing aids.