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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I am hard of hearing and going deaf. I would love to practice.
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    Petition Here is a working link!
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    Where are you from in Europe? I was born in France near the Italian border.
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    What do you do for living?

    I am a professional clinical counselor (psychotherapist) and I am specialized in children trauma.
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    What to say if a hearing person says that somebody is faking deafness?

    At the pharmacy, the other day it happened to me. I really struggle understanding people if they don’t look at me. She was also wearing a mask and then she started speaking about me to her colleague. Her body language was very obvious. It was the weirdest thing.
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    I was born in Europe. I gradually lost part of my hearing in the past few years. I can still...

    I was born in Europe. I gradually lost part of my hearing in the past few years. I can still hear with hearing aids. Without them I struggle especially in social situations. I am mad as hell at the way some people have reacted toward me and very disappointed at the lack of resources. I am...
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    I have insurance from my work and it does not cover me. There is quite a bit of information provided through the petition, did you read it?
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    Person Below Me

    I would use sage green and espressol! I like homes with nice porches. Does TPBM believe in reincarnation?
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    I created a #petition because I am hard of #hearing however the prohibitive cost of hearing aids isn’t covered by private insurers. Sign the Petition via @Change #DisparityFreeHealthcare Please share it with your contact-I don’t want surgery and that’s the only thing my insurance...