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    Secret Signs: Part One - A Story About A Deaf Girl

    Thanks, everyone! So far I have 3 parts posted. At least one more to go, perhaps two.
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    Secret Signs: Part One - A Story About A Deaf Girl

    This is a story about a Deaf girl. I'm still working on it, but this is part one. Parts 2 and 3 are linked on the site. Next week I'll be doing part 4.
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    Article For Employers About Why They Should Hire Deaf

    I would appreciate your help in sharing this link below to an article that I wrote to support our community and Deaf Grassroots Movement, about why employers should hire deaf. It is written to employers, so hopefully will get read by the right people...
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    ASL Immersion Workshop - Boston, MA

    @zephren somehow I didn't see your message until now. Sorry for the delay! Thank you for your kind words, and I'm glad it was beneficial!
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    What Inventions Would You Invent For Us?

    Wouldn't that be awesome?
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    For Hearing Educators

    Adding my own contribution in the fight for equality, especially for deaf kids. If you agree with this message, help me spread it through sharing in any relevant group or page.
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    What Inventions Would You Invent For Us?

    I like to daydream about possible inventions, whether realistic or not. Here's a few I wrote about this morning.
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    Every Faith Should Be Accessible For The Deaf

    Hi- Wrote a post about how all places of religion need to be more accessible so we can make informed choices regarding beliefs. J.
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    This Is A Post For Encouraging People To Caption Their Videos "we Want Captions, Yes We Do!"

    Help spread the message. This is a different approach than others you may have read: I am trying to encourage those who aren't actually legally required to caption videos to take the time to do it. So that's why I have this...
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    I'm Not Ignoring You, I'm Deaf

    Here's a post to share with hearing people: Tell me your stories of people assuming that you were ignoring them!
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    I can't always lip-read you, and please stop shouting

    This is not just about lip-reading, but also other issues such as people thinking that raising their voices is going to make a difference for every one of us. Would love to see your thoughts. What did I leave out...
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    Anyone else or just me?

    Sounds pretty normal, so hang in there, but one thing I think is pretty important is to stick with what you want her to do and not give in to tantrummy demands.
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    Baby number 3!

    Congrats! I have 3 kids myself. Outnumbered!
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    Your deaf kids and the hearing world

    A parent requested that I write about this topic. Sharing here because I think it's beneficial for parents of deaf kids. I'd love to discuss this. What do you think?
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    Stop saying you sign badly : a post to encourage beginners in ASL

    I wrote this post because I feel there's no good reason for someone to criticize their own ASL. Learning to sign should be an enjoyable process, not something full of shaming until reaching a higher level of skills. I...