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    A little help?

    I had that happen a few times when I was in high school. I have very thick hair so I wasn't too worried. I realized that if I wear my hair up for a few days, or don't brush it often for a few days, or I scrub my head for dandruff, and then take a shower all that hair just comes out. If you have...
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    The name game.... for tools

    Pliers: Purple nurple applicators Wrenches: Nut Revolver Hammer: The shit squashers (or slammers) Tape measure: The distance deriver From the guys I'm with atm
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    Anime or manga fans

    Lmao I love how that show hasn't stopped after all these years InuYasha One Punch Man Fruits Basket (manga) Sword Art Online (only watch the first 12 episodes... dats it!) Angus Magis Bride (manga) Kamisama Kiss Toradora Detective Conan My Hero Acadamia Cowboy Bebop Full Metal Alchemist Any...
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    What was/is your favorite TV show?

    Have you seen Angel? Or any of Joss Whedon's other shows? O.O OMG I FORGOT ABOUT FIREFLY -facedesk-
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    Try thinking of it this way: with the way things are.... what if something happens to you? How will he know to help you? What if you had a very bad day, what do you usually do? Do you want to talk about it to your guy? What of something absolutely amazing happened? Would it kill your mood to...
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    Person Below Me

    I used to, my father is a historian lover and one summer he took us all over Britain. Did you know that there is a city named Bath? Ironically, the Great Bath isn't safe e.e Tpbm bath, hot spring, or shower?
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    What was/is your favorite TV show?

    oooo MASH!!! Love that show Magnum P.I. Buffy (If I have a girl, I'm naming her Willow) Monk Ghost Adventurers (they make me laugh) Star trek: tng Charmed Sabrina the teenage witch Family Guy Gargoyles Teen Titans Firefly ....and a big ass list of anime :D
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    A Deafie's Pet Peeve About Living Among The Hearies

    Reading this immediately made me think of the question "What is (name_of_colour) like?" from a blind person. How DO you do that?? I do not have a fulfilling answer to that :T Some colours, maybe, but people will describe the same colour differently... It is not the same but, the equivalent...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I'm thinking... Oh how lucky you guys are! I wish I could take a nap too. Q.Q I'm also thinking of getting jelly beans~
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    Hellos∼ Newbie here reporting for duty!

    Hiya, my name is Jennipho (or Jennifer if you did not get that). I am brand new in learning ASL. But don't worry, I'll be lost in the forums for a few days, before asking any questions :D Classes, tutors, meetups, clubs and the like are VERY hard to find in Alaska unfortunately.... so I feel...