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    Negligence of the Act

    Hello, thank you to everyone who replied! The feedback and comments are extremely helpful.
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    Hello, I am using examples based on what my deaf and hard-of-hearing friends/peers/teachers have said. They have all said to never take a deaf person out to eat or to the movies for the first date, as it is often a difficult experience. And by uneducated I meant that they may not know deaf...
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    Questions for those who are hard-of-hearing

    Hello, I have some questions for the folks here that are hard-of-hearing. - Do you often feel like you do not directly belong to a community? - Do you notice people seem less likely to accommodate you, as they may deem you do not need it? - What ways could hospitality services better...
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    App for deaf people? "What do You need?"

    What would this app entail? Do you think it can eventually be utilized within the restaurant business? I am working on a proposal for better hospitality within restaurants for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Maybe our ideas could work together!
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    Hiring Rate of Restaurants

    How often do deaf applicants get the job at restaurants? How do the interviews often go?
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    Sports Bar

    Hello, quick question. During major games, s it typical for restaurants to have closed captions on the tv?
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    Does anyone have any resturant stories they want to share? Either positive experience, like your server knowing how to sign. Or even bad ones? I am curious and this would definitely help
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    For those who are deaf and date within the hearing community, do you find it difficult to agree on a date spot? If the hearing person is uneducated I'm sure they may recommend the movies or going out to eat. Where do you often like to go for first dates?
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    Negligence of the Act

    I have realized that many restaurants have neglected the ADA for their deaf customers. It is required that restaurants avoid any possible communication barriers. This is oftentimes overlooked. As a server and host, I have noticed that often times nothing is provided for deaf customers. No...
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    American Deaf hand signs

    This is a great website that many who want to learn sign can utilize. Maybe this website could be used to train employees some signs to help out their deaf customers!
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    Hotel friendly?

    While I was researching for my project, about improving hospitality towards the deaf, I discovered all the ways that deaf people were mistreated. It is quite unreasonable how unwilling some places are to help others. I also found this true for restaurants, movie theatres, and many other places...
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    Hello, I have some questions about certain normalities as a deaf person, specifically pertaining to the food business. - Do you often feel like you are accomodating your server? - Is it typical for servers to get overwhelmed when they discover you are deaf? - How does it make you feel if...
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    Hello, I am new to this website

    Hello! I am a hearing student who has been learning ASL for a year now. I figured I should branch out and learn more about the deaf community. Can anyone give me advice, on anything. For example, good ways to practice my sign or maybe some cultural differences I should be aware of. Anything will...
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    Wanting to learn Sign Language

    I picked up sign language very quickly. That is because I involved myself in ASL club and often hung out with my deaf friends. I had to learn quickly because I wanted to communicate with them. Try facetiming a deaf friend you meet, maybe you will meet them here!
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    Hello! I am currently a hearing student at college. I am working on a proposal to improve the way that hospitality services treat their deaf customers. Because it will be such a huge process I have started with focusing on going out to eat. As I have been in the restaurant business for 5 years I...