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    What are you thinking about Part VII

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    How did you Sleep last night?

    Like a rock last nite. Thank god for meds.
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    What are you doing right now?

    :eek3: Meths the worst of all to be tripping on. Seriously screwed one way or another. Hope the kid finds peace and safe home and enjoy his childhood the way kids are supposed to.
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    Mozzeria in San Francisco

    :ty: for the effort
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    Mozzeria in San Francisco

    Chicago area means the suburbs too! Name the places if you said theres few in the suburbs. Why not mention them already.
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    Mozzeria in San Francisco

    Awesome will visit if I ever decide to visit SF. Is there resturant in chicago area owned and run by deaf people?
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    a good you tube found today...

    Lol funny vids russian tank one was too funny
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    Ever felt this way?....

    Oh yeah. It drives me nuts when lairs get away with crap.
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    What are you thinking about Part VII

    Wondering if its worth it to get a masters degree in library info science and jump out of field im in.
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    What are you doing right now?

    :shock: and why would she do that knowing shes being taped! Was she on drugs or something?
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    What are you doing right now?

    Wondering about what movie to watch to use up free theatre tickets.
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    What if......

    What if you woke up and find out youre last of your kind.
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    annoyed with newbies and starting useless threads

    Suggesting a feature that blocks new users from starting threads until they contributed ceratin number of posts ? They can only start one intro thread in the intro section thats it until certain number of posts have been contributed to show seriousness. It gets tiresome seeing spammers...
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    Family pit bull alerts deaf teen of fire

    Many people are lax in that kind of prevention stuff, even not replacing smoke detector batteries in the alarms for years. A high percentage of deaf individuals dont have smoke detector system to specifically alert them.