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    Facial Masks- COVID-19

    This is the solution, but accepting masks from strangers doesn't seem wise, either! This is the article on transparent masks for the deaf.
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    Is ADA compliance also for customers?

    I am hard of hearing and I understand verbal conversation mostly my lip reading and wearing a hearing aid. I can speak just fine. I need to do an online notarization but it seems that this is not possible. There is even a very famous online notarization service that published a guide were their...
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    When I was in school, I had a teacher who was so hard to understand. He had a marked accent I was unfamiliar with. While other classmates eventually found their way to understand him, at the end of his course I was still at loss. I find it especially challenging to be among native English...
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    I do feel isolated because I want to make friends but it is constantly a challenge to keep up with people. Different accents and foreign languages are hard to follow. And on one account I like to go to get together so that I can at least switch person if I do not understand someone very well...
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    Using Speech to text apps

    I use speech to text apps to know what people say when they send me voice messages on whatsapp. it could get funny... and tricky.
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    Looking forward to hearing my cat purr.

    Maybe you cannot hear Dracula's purr, but you can use this purr generator to generate a purr you can hear:
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    Can someone explain what a deaf person is "supposed to look like"?

    Lots of people assume you are deaf because you are retarded (?) or mute as well (?) and if you look normal and act normal they tend to "spare" you from their definition of deaf. "But you do not look deaf" as in then you are not really deaf. The same happens when people say a racist thing but...
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    Lip-Readers: Which words look identical/very similar?

    I am not a native English speaker but I speak Spanish and Italian, and though I am fluent in English, it is the worst language to lip read among these. I am especially in difficulties with words containing gh as I can't hear it and it could be a separation between words. Also, the shorter the...
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    Does you pet know your deaf?

    I once had a rescue cat which understood that I was hearing (a little) only from my left ear, so whenever she wanted to jump on my lap or on the table where I was sitting, she'd approach me from my left side. My current cat has never noticed that her mommy's hearing is not 100% functional, and...
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    How do i contact irs from abroad?

    Thanks mikemike, I am working with my CPA to see if he can sort it out himself. Else, I will rely on snail mail (in 2016 - seriously?!)
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    How do i contact irs from abroad?

    I am in Argentina.
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    How do i contact irs from abroad?

    Hello, I am deaf and I live abroad. I need to contact the IRS to set some records straight. I don't have a DTT phone and they won't reply by email. How do I contact the IRS, then? There is no IRS office abroad... should I contact my Consulate, instead? Or is there a TDD virtual phone I can...
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    Deafness and nightdreaming

    I am usually hearing in my dreams, I was born that way. However it happened to me once that I self-censored myself. I was dreaming I was in a restaurant with some female-friends speaking in English, when one of them whispered something into my ear and I replied. Then my subconscious stopped the...
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    Being a flight attendant and being HoH

    Yes, I know they are underpaid for the skills they have to bring to their job (I have a friend who is a flight assistant for AA). To me, it is not worth it, being it also very stressful on the body.
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    Being a flight attendant and being HoH

    I never applied for a position as a deaf flight assistant, but I am positively surprised that in the US they are making giant steps toward deaf and HoH opportunity of employment. I am too old to train as a flight assistant, plus I get tired faster than normal hearing people, so I think that...