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    Your bag shouldn’t just carry your belongings, it should protect them! Order Now...

    Your bag shouldn’t just carry your belongings, it should protect them! Order Now
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    How to heal from broken heart?

    What I like is the virtuous woman, which I imagines is a rare woman! I doubt such a woman exists today. Why do women falls for bullshit and gets ****ed up and gets used up, and they keeps doing the same thing over and over and over... so they keeps on moving from one man to the next man and...
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    How to heal from broken heart?

    Funny thing about broken heart, it sure is like glue, they sticks, no matter how long the time goes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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    How to heal from broken heart?

    Umbrella! Ha ha ha!
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    How to heal from broken heart?

    How do you heal from a broken heart, even when it's a very OLD broken heart?
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Laugh. Just laugh at the hearings! The ignorant hearings are the WORSE, so LAUGH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I dont' worry about them, I breeze by them, I do my thing, and just ignore the morons, ha ha ha ha ha! I'm deaf, I am living in MY WORLD, they are not! Ha ha ha ha! It's GREAT! I...
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    Who is single here?

    Still single, too fun to bother with women! Ha ha ha! Cheers!
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    Hear With My Eyes

    Great words, i like it! That's what I feels, too, sometimes.
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    The sword and the silence.

    Nice writing. Strange, banned for just expressing himself. Now I know why, we're already in the land of the UNFREE, land of the NOT-SO-BRAVE! So, the THOUGHT POLICE is here, checking EVERY messages we writes, deleting, editing, and now and then, banning whoever they deems not to their...
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    Scribbles or not, it's.... VERY GOOD! Wow, not bad. My attention was grabbed and the words PULLED ME IN. You're a VERY GOOD WRITER! Thumbs UP! :thumb::thumb:
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    Rejection, and I'm pretty sure why..

    Don't bother with these morons! Be yourself, show the world you are YOU! To hell with them who thinks deaf, hearing aids, etc are not good or whatever. THey're NARROW MIND SCUMBAGS!!! Me, I wears my hearing aids, for I needs it to shut up my tinnitus, and I wears my mp3 player, playing my...
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    Hearing people who are attracted to deaf people

    AGREED. I'd kick the bitch in the arse, though, to the kerb!!!! Fucking sick fetishit bitch! YUK! I'll never trust hearing bitches ever again!!!! SICKOS!
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    My mother-in-law broke up my marriage.

    That's disgusting! She's right to dump the dirty bastard. She'll also never speak to her mumma ever again. Oh well.