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    Phonak Naida Ultra Power?

    The Naida UP is the loudest digital HA on the market, though I am not sure if it is the loudest HA in general. Still, you have to keep in mind that it doesn't amplify anything under 140 Hz and the sealed earmold will mostly block those sounds, so your low frequency response will be practically...
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    New hearing aids (Unitron Max 20SP) Woo-Hoo

    I don't know much about Unitron pricing, but I paid a bit less than that for a single Phonak Q90 UP a year ago so it sounds like you've got a good deal if you like the actual hearing aids. Are you happy with them? That's the real question. If you don't like them it doesn't really how much of a...
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    Why do we have to turn off our CI during take-off and landing?

    Really? I'm not a fan of the poster, as he's obviously inflammatory, obnoxious, and a Med-El propagandist but the truth of the matter is his post was about Med-El equipment, he included a disclaimer and is factually correct. Med-El implants can do 1.5T MRIs as-is without additional surgery...
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    Problems with Advanced Bionics Naida CI

    I don't have any personal experience with a Naida other than holding it, but it's easy to see that the T-Mic2 is definitely less durable than the original used with Harmony processors. It's held in place by wire, instead of a thick piece of plastic. As far as moisture goes, hopefully you are...
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    Which Cochlear Implant is best?

    I really want to state that every CI manufacturer is putting out a decent product at this point. No matter what company you end up with, if you have previous hearing experience and were at one point capable of understanding speech without lipreading it is likely you will be able to understand...
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    How much better are hearing aids today than in 2004-2005?

    All of these digital devices take some time to 'boot' -- even the Naida with the delay turned off takes about 6 seconds to make tones and start amplifying sounds. The extra added delay option is for old people who turn it on then put the hearing aid in their ear. Who does that, seriously? I put...
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    How much better are hearing aids today than in 2004-2005?

    That's a limitation of the telecoil -- all a telecoil does is pick up electromagnetic signals. If you think it's a noisy analog world out there, you haven't seen how bad it is in the EM spectrum with a frequency scanner. Everything with a coil produces copious amounts of noise, and coils are in...
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    Dance and CI?

    Lifting your arms over your head alters the way your circulatory system works. Normally this is no problem but if you've got a giant surgical incision you really don't need the slight but nonzero possibility of it rupturing, causing internal bleeding.
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    Phonak Nadia V UP on trial

    The Naida Q UP is actually quite a bit stronger than the old Naida Core series, though I doubt the additional power will help you in any way as it's mostly in the higher frequency ranges. Naida HAs come in three flavors: Core (just "Naida", as these are the originals), Spice/Spice+ ("Naida...
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    Frustrated with my audiologist

    It is, no doubt. I was actually not a big fan of the Naida for quite some time, but it's Phonak and therefore compatible with my AB implant so I am sticking with it. Try the Widex, I always really loved their sound quality. But you aren't going to get more than 144 dB SPL to be honest...
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    Frustrated with my audiologist

    Audiologists can have either an M.S. or an AuD. degree. AuD is the more recent trend and you will probably find most new audiologists have this degree, but you can practice with an M.S. In any case, audiologists that are doctors are most likely not doctors of medicine.
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    Frustrated with my audiologist

    He isn't really wrong in any count. Digitals are far more popular and have much greater availability, and analogs ARE strictly linear in amplification ability while your loss is almost certainly not linear. I have a Phonak Naida Q90 and I have it programmed to be quite 'analog' in...
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    CI & HA decorations

    Ecp, I want your Naida too. Meg, what did you use to color your Harmony? Nail polish? That looks pretty awesome. Much better than the AB color covers.
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    Did you see story about AB on "Today"?

    I don't ever see any of that. What I see, in the subset of these fora that I participate in, is many members who do not contribute to this subforum in any meaningful way come in barging into the HA and CI implant forums to make snarky and misguided comments about CIs to ADULT members who are...
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    Did you see story about AB on "Today"?

    :roll: Yeah just adapt, kay. I'll let you know when I've evolved into my next form.