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    Hoping go connect with someone in 2020. Add me on Snap. Garifuna7

    Hoping go connect with someone in 2020. Add me on Snap. Garifuna7
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    Single and looking for something different

    Hi, what makes you want to date someone with hearing impairment? Just curious, but add me on Snap if you would like to chat. Garifuna7
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    Hearing impaired - looking to date

    I wear hearing aids in both ears. severe loss but most people can’t tell. Just trying to date someone that understands that and is patient. live in Anaheim. also rarely on here. Reach me on Snap if interested Garifuna7
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    Seeking Friends in OC Cali

    Hi add me on Snapchat or Instagram. We can stay in touch.
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    Seeking Friends in OC Cali

    Hi I’m hard of hearing. Looking to meet other people who are HoH or deaf in Orange County California. If you’re interested in meeting up for social events like bowling nights, gym workouts, taco Tuesday, beach outings or other give me a message on IG or Snapchat. Snapchat: Garifuna7 Instagram...
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    "A Quiet Place" the movie

    Hello there. I don’t believe this movie was made specifically for deaf or HoH people. The character’s hearing is just part of the story. I personally loved the movie because it’s not often you see a character that is deaf or HoH being a major role in a movie.
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    Looking for Christian friends in the OC Area

    Hi, I’m looking to meet anyone who’s a believer, and also has hearing loss or is deaf. I wear hearing aids and can hear well enough with them, but I would like to get water at sign language. I like the outdoors, and also relaxing inside. If you’d like to connect, reach me on my SnapChat. Garifuna7