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    Where to find Deaf/HoH guys in Austin to date?

    I've been thinking about that lately. What if I get my ears cleaned out and tested and after everything is said and done, the doctor says that I'm HoH. If I can get hearing aids, it should still be fine, but if I can't? What's the point of me pursuing this career? But, this post is about finding...
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    How hard of hearing is HoH?

    I have bad hearing. I'm constantly having to ask people to speak up. If I'm in a restaurant or place with even mild background noise, I can be sitting across a booth from someone, and not understand the noises that they make. Sometimes, even right next to them. It's very annoying, but whenever I...
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    Where to find Deaf/HoH guys in Austin to date?

    First of all, before you read any further, I am Hearing. My hearing is pretty bad, but I don't know how bad one's hearing must be to be HoH. But I'm learning sign, or trying, anyways. I moved to Austin mainly because of the large Deaf community. I want to become an interpreter one day. So, it's...
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    ASL Poetry.

    Thank you! Sent from my C6730 using AllDeaf App mobile app
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    ASL Poetry.

    That sounds right! Do you remember their names, by any chance? Sent from my C6730 using AllDeaf App mobile app
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    ASL Poetry.

    While I have some questions, feel free to post ASL poetry here as well. My main question is, is it normal for ASL poetry to change with the telling? I'm Hearing, and making an ASL poem. There's some things that I change as I work on it, but even when I'm signing a part that's been in the poem...
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    Looking to make friends with Deafies in Austin

    I'm moving to Austin in a few months, and I'm determined to make friends. Rather than spend days staring at the many Deaf residents that I saw when I checked out the apartments, too scared too talk to them (When I was a student at ACC, taking ASL 1, I froze up whenever I tried to talk to one...
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    ASL only!!!

    Mistake make me? Sorry, now student. Much much mistakes make. You see mistake, you tell? Helps me much.
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    Superdeafy the movie

    Where can I buy/watch/download it? In that preferred order. It looks pretty neat, and I want to see it!
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    Hearing is a super power?

    Are there any movies wherein the world is predominantly Deaf, and hearing is unusual? So unusual, in fact, that a person can harness it into a superpower? I think that that is a cool concept, so there are probably tons of such things, but I just don't know of them.
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    ASL only!!!

    Thread Live! Talk Much! What? This thread dead? No no no! Thread slow! Me want thread fast, much much talk here! Me terp student, want practise much much. Me talk me. Me watch Switch Birth, kissfist! Want watch much much! Always like language. Kid, love read. Older (hand higher) love english...
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    Just Another 'Terp Student

    Oh, okay. Thank you both.
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    Look for Deaf Community in Seguin, TX.

    If you ever get back on this site, I'm an asl student in Seguin, bwalsh.
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    Just Another 'Terp Student

    Thank you all. Bebonang, I don't understand what you mean. I feel that you're answering a question, but I don't know what it is, so I'm confused.
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    Role Play

    I'd like to do a role play with some of you. It is a good way to get to know people, and I love writing stories with other people through roleplay, as you never know where the story will go. I figured, since story-based roleplaying is largely collaborative storytelling, this sub-forum would be...