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    New to this... with Questions

    I’m still not sure how a scuba trip could cause loss of hair cells but that is because I’m a medical scientist and over think things. Advanced Bionics has been absolutely amazing. I can use regular headphones but once the SWORD is approved, I’m definitely getting my left ear implanted. One ear...
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    Profoundly deaf - anyone like me, have CI?

    BAHAs are for single sided deafness or conductive deafness which by definition can never be profound. People born without external ears or ear canals can hear loud sounds. If I recall correctly the maximum pure conductive hearing loss is 60dB.
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    New to this... with Questions

    First, Cochlear is a brand name. Cochlear implant is the device. I have advanced bionics and love it. I had hearing loss from birth that was progressive. A scuba accident would only damage your middle ear. Have you had a bone conduction test?
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    You had surgery at the VA? As much as politicians love to say they support troops, the VA provides horrible specialty care. Your doc had probably done a few CI surgeries before.
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    Super power HA/CI. question

    Your current hearing aid is not a power hearing aid. Between all the models of Halo hearing aids none have a peak gain higher than 65-70dB. I wore a truly maxed out Naida UP that’s had a peak gain of 86dB. You need to see an audiologist and try hearing aids with real power.
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    Any Catholics?

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    Any Catholics?

    We are here. I wish Mass was still in Latin but I was born long after Vatican2. I did study Latin in school. Sometimes I ask for a copy of the sermon since that is the only thing that isn’t written in the handout or in the books.
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    One thing to remember is that if you get benefit from hearing aids, or have “70-80% hearing loss” (hearing loss isn’t measured in %. If it was I’d have 120% hearing loss.) you may not be a candidate for a cochlear implant so, why worry about something that doesn’t affect you? Even with hearing...
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    I have a cochlear implant and it is so much better than hearing aids ever were. My hearing loss is above the limit of audimeters and it is interesting seeing other Deaf people with residual hearing who are so against CIs. If hearing aids help, that’s fine. Also, I can take off my CI processor...
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    Now considered DEAF, can wear with the help of hearing aids. Possible C.I. ?

    My hearing with Naida SP and UP hearing aids was never higher than 50dB in the lows and didn’t even make the audiogram in the highs. My speech scores were in the single digits WITH hearing aids and a very loud signal. 3 months after getting g my CI, I had something like 90% word understanding at...
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    Heads up if you have Facebook, please read this!

    AB is excellent about sending replacement parts overnight. One just has to contact them and make the request.
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    Interpreter question (position relative to speaker)?

    That is a good point. People can be dicks. For theater/performance interpreting I like what these people say ( in the case I describe above, the interpreters and Deaf audience were all on the same side and...
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    23andme health result did NOT show any variants for Hearing Loss, I'm Deaf. Possible Causes?

    There are thousands of mutations that can cause hearing loss. An MRI won’t tell you if your brain it working correctly. 23&mre states specifically that they are NOT a diagnostic service. Around 120 genes are tested for by this company...
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    Interpreter question (position relative to speaker)?

    I’m not the interpreter. I’m the Deaf person.