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    White privilege

    Just because I claim there is a teapot on orbit between the Earth and Mars doesn't make it so. Making a claim is easy, supporting it with factual and impartial evidence is another story. It seems so easy to be able to write everything off as anecdotal or "be that as it may but X still exists."...
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    White privilege

    I guess "white privilege" is a neat little way to explain why people don't seem to get everything they think they should. A person didn't get a job because their skin wasn't a close enough colour as the interviewer - it must be a race thing. I wasn't offered a job for which I interviewed...
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    For Canadian ADers: What cell phones are like the BB Curve 8310 with TTY function?

    Not true. Can enable TTY mode where plugging a portable tty into the blackberry makes it work. But BB doesn't have the right kind of modem for TTY on the handset (not unusual!)
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    Is it Sign Language when you sleep? Deaf or HOH?

    I am HOH and usually people "talk" but not sign or verbally, I just know what they mean. Sometimes they sign, which is weird because my sign skills are very poor. :(
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    What' your planning this Memorial Weekend?

    Flying to Atlanta Georgia Monday for work. :( Unfortunately I work for a British company and don't get Memorial Day off!! Will be in "Hotlanta" until Friday night.
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    Which cell phone do you use?

    I use a BlackBerry 8800. :D
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    Do You Have Any Regrets?

    I am more confident now in being forward with my hearing loss and asking people to repeat things and to not cover their mouth, etc... I wish I had learned to be so confident a while ago. If my hearing fails more in the future I'll not be ashamed. It's me! :) :ty:
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    Bullies in school -- outlaw them or send them to jail.

    Assault is a crime. Put them in jail!!!!
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    AquaBlue's sig.

    No worse than religious sigs. :roll:
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    Speechreading help ?

    Find a friend and videotape them speaking NORMALLY at the camera. Play it back without sound (that'd be cheating :D) and test yourself. I grew up in Rochester, NY but currently live in Northern England (til next week) and I found that it is very hard for me to speechread British people. I do...
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    my mom died

    sent one...
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    Sign Language in Hospitals

    Yes they should. But I think everyone should learn to sign fluently from youth. Why would people chose to not be able to communicate with some others? Especially those with whom a cultural bond is shared (At least on a regional level).
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    Death... Finding or Announcing?

    If you're a cop or doctor you have training to tell people and would be more likely to witness such scenes and "harden" to it. Regular people don't.
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    "Life about Deaf and hearing people"

    I'm curious how one should allow themselves to feel when the hearing population refuses to put noticeboards up to announce train platform changes. This has happened to me, too! Luckily I saw the people waiting for the train all walk away at once (I started to spend more energy to hear to the...
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    Death... Finding or Announcing?

    Finding is worse. I speak from experience. Police and the coroner's office are there to tell close family members for you. You have to live with the (visual) memory of finding someone that has died.