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    Why do deaf people treat their own so wrong?

    Hello, I read all above, I agree with Jasin. Finally I acknowledged someone like Jasin who spoke the right words for me. It has been difficult for me to express right words. Even I am deaf and it becomes hard sometimes to be a part of deaf community completely but the way they socialize, the way...
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    what countries was you born in?

    was born in Canada !
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    Greetings from New England !

    :wave: Hi, my name is Deanna from Canada but living in New England. I am profoundly deaf and came from hearing family. Every family member & relative is hearing. I became deaf after childhood illness (frequent ear infections and high fever) I was confirmed deaf by the doctor when I was 2.5...
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    Best city/town for a Deaf person to live in?

    NEW ENGLAND ?? I am very curious about your perspectives on New England because no one here talk about New England ?