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    Some Captioning to End?

    Yeah, this is a pain in the ass. But at least they aren't saying that they can't caption at all. Just that the producers/networks/whatever has to pay for them without the help of the department of education. So we'll just see more of the ads at the beginning and end of shows, like on Simpsons...
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    What to Watch

    I keep forgetting to watch Tru Calling, esp if there's a CSI rerun on. Definitely need to remember to get my Eliza fix tonight.
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    What to Watch

    So, what's everyone watching these days? Here's my general nighttime schedule Sunday: Simpsons (sometimes), Arrested Development. Monday: Usually nothing, though will occasionally watch CSI: Miami Tuesday: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Wednesday: Smallville, Angel Thursday: CSI Friday...
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    Lingo Internet Jumble

    Thanks! Good to know before my second class starts on Tuesday. Oh, and back on topic, BLNT = Better Luck Next Time. TTFN.
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    Lingo Internet Jumble

    Yeah, it's still off topic, but I'm still such a noob when it comes to sign (this is what I get for only learning stuff in formal classes so far). Could someone explain how 258 becomes "very interesting" for me? I'm slooooooooooooow :dunno:
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    What does "oral deaf" actually mean?

    Another thought with that. I'm late deafened, so I spent 24 years as a hearie. Because of that, my oral skills are really good, though I still stutter a lot (but that's something that I'd done before, but not as much). That's probably also one of the reasons I've been having a lot of problems...
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    Latest "Just Joined" post

    Not yet, but I keep meaning to go. However, already planning on going this Friday. I've done a lot of work for the DRC before, so I'm looking forward to giving it a shot.
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    PETITION: To the DVD Producers

    Signed and linked on my blog, in hopes that others will sign also.
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    Online Comics

    Not 100% positive, but I think that Seraphim is either a CODA or is good friends with one. Met her and Fred/Piro last summer at a signing, and I'm pretty sure they said something along those lines.
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    philology: Calvin and Hobbes

    I've got two different theories about Calvin that I like to play with, what we'll call the Tyler Durden theory and the Changeling theory. TD: If you haven't read/seen Fight Club, log off and go to the library or video store or whatever and get this, or be spoiled. Anyway, in Fight Club...
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    Latest "Just Joined" post

    Levonian, credit where credit is due. I would be no where near as stable with my emotions and getting to the point of fully accepting who I am now without the help of my wonderful fiance (who may or may not be joining us on this board at some point). :ily: She really helped me understand that...
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    Latest "Just Joined" post

    Hey there. Just joined up here after googling for the Gallaudet RockFest (which I haven't been to, as I don't go to Gallaudet (yet) ). Anyway, I'm a 27 year old male, living in not very sunny Ohio. I'm late deafened, so can't do the standard school introduction thing, since I grew up hearing. I...