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    Daughter transferring from CSDR to TSD

    Don't be nervous. I have friends who have relocated so their kid can attend and they ALL love it!!!!!
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    High school

    Oh that's AWESOME! Maybe you could attend Gally for college.... or there's MSSD for high school!
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    In Between

    All this could have been advoided if Meredith had been hooked up with a deaf school, a dhh program and ASL from the get go!
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    Another Regeneration One

    Going to be DECADES until this is a reality.
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    Hard of Hearing, new to Deaf community.

    Welcome! We need more deaf educators!
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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    I cannot believe how slow this place is. I remember back in the old days when this place was rocking, and everyone was here. Hard to believe things have changed. Wish the old members would return.....
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    Best city/town for a Deaf person to live in?

    Wow, even thou the "School" for the Deaf is very oral and small?
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    Looking for a deaf parent who homeschools. Thanks!

    Have you contacted your state's School for the Deaf? IMHO, hearing parents need to be VERY careful with homeschooling dhh or other special needs kids, since they are generally not trained TODs. It really does take a village. It's not an attack on homeschooling... My ex friend's mom (who is a...
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    going to college as a hoh/little "d" deaf person

    Ask for C-Print instead of a notetaker... Reason I say this is b/c it's much better then a notetaker.....but yes I would trial using a 'terp and see how it goes!
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    Ladies Only

    I've always wondered why the people random posting for a romantic partner don't ever think that they might find a serial killer or someone with narcisstic or borderline personality disorder
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    Just Joined

    Have you thought about a CI?
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    New Bonebridge

    Um this isn't new. It's just some arbitary improvements that don't even affect the functioning/ performance.
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    I seriously cried when I found that out.
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    CI Opinion

    YES exactly. Oral exclusive approaches train a dhh kid to be DEPENDENT on a device. That is CRUEL. Why shouldn't a dhh kid have the right to ALL the possible tools instead of being dependent on a device? The world is not a soundbooth!
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    Deaf and from merseyside

    Welcome!!! Yeah I wish the UK promoted something like a year at a deaf school for the dhh kids to work on their skills... Instead it's just Inclusion. Hope you find your BSL buddy!