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    TTY and macs

    I do have access to a landline but the phones these days will not sit well in/on the couplers on the ttys I have so that's out (unless there's still a rotary/push button phone lurking around here somewhere). I did check out eBay to see if there were any compact/C ttys listed... none so far...
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    hearing aids not accepted in the Deaf community 20 years ago?!?!?

    Today and 20 years ago are miles different... And.. yes there were quite a few D/deaf at Gallaudet 30-35 years ago who were no fans of hearing aids at all. Many refused to wear them; had one friend who grew up oral...came to Gallaudet and pretty much refused to wear her aids again; they...
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    Person Below Me

    yes I am- even though it's not nearly as cold here as it is up north and in the midwest. TPBM.... Doing anything for Valentine's Day?
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    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock - Questions....

    I still have the old model with green led light... I love it.... still works but finicky on some days (it's 17 years old). I never thought to turn it around but what I do is put a thick paper (actually an envelope (mail that I never opened lol) over the display- blocks out most of the light (I...
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    Does Gallaudet have a pre-medical program?

    Hmm as far as I know I don't think they do. They do have science majors like biology and chemistry. A relative of mine has a BS in Public Health (or something like that I can't remember right now) and is currently in their first year of med school (person is not deaf though).
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    Remember hearing aids in eye glass temples?

    One of my old Gallaudet friends had a pair of glasses with hearing aids built in. Or maybe a pair of hearing aids with glasses attached...? :hmm: Anyway-- that was in the mid 80s. I don't know how long he kept them though- I know he doesn't have them any more from recent pics I've seen of...
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    Person Below Me

    No comment as I'm not about to open a can of worms here (Alex frowns on political stuff here). TPBM Any exciting purchases lately?
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    IPhone TTY app with VCO

    I don't know what version iPhone you have but this link was posted in another threat I posted a while back. I'd be curious to know what TTY apps you had...I don't think I've found any- at least for Android.
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    TTY and macs

    I did finally go "box diving" and searching all of them... and found my Compact TTY. Unfortunately it will not work with cell phones. My Galaxy phone does have TTY mode though. Tried looking for the Compact/C (a newer version of the Compact TTY) but could not find it as it apparently has...
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    Peeping Duck is in trouble!

    Thank you! I'm poking my head in 2 weeks later... lol.. Work has been kind of brutal... and too much drama with me in the middle going "uh huh...yeah...." and trying to stay out of it lol. :) :wave:
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    Let’s help each other please

    Hahah... no full time, pay isn't super good but- will look good on resume (I hope) and meantime if I'm not being forced to do overtime or end up staying late anyway- working on my portfolio now that I have somewhere to host it.
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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    yes it's still usable thankfully. And since that post I dropped it a second time at my workplace... and a chip off the top right corner. I think the crack on the bottom is spreading though. Hope to get to the BatteriesPlus store this weekend... after I make sure I HAVE money! I had an...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Ahh okay I had never heard of Skywest so was a little confused lol. Thanks!
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    Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

    Yes... it's not a job I really wanted though- nothing related to IT at all and the pay isn't the best...and a lot of physical work. But it's work. I got it through a tip and some help from VR. In the meantime I'm still working on trying to build up my portfolio and improving my coding so I...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Skywest or SouthWest Airlines?