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    Deaf cyclist needs advice.

    I have been on roads and off roads since 1986 and i have been in triathlon races, road biking races (TT), and mountain biking races. Please Do Not ride on wrong side like radioman's suggestion. You can use a mirror on your helmet if you feel safe. i always keep eyeing over my shoulders every few...
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    Hey Deafclimber.. Why you block me???

    oh thanks guys and gals... i was away for my long vacation in MD, DC and VA. lot of funs... again thanks !
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    video phone

    there is another alternative way that hearing or deaf can call eachother if hearing has his or her own webcam and HOVRS' Video Sign 2.5 (soon 3.0 ll release). i ususally call deaf friends if they have vp 200 or vp 100 from my webcam. webcam to VP works just fine. only we need IP address to call...
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    Cellphone with Microsoft Exchange software

    what do you mean with "FTW" ? att fuze is htc touch pro. that is what i said att fuze aka htc touch pro in my previous post. i wont buy either of them because i dont like its keyboard especially numbers that remind me of my very first 8125. it was too difficult to type the numbers in my...
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    Cellphone with Microsoft Exchange software

    i forget to add another mobile with Exchange Server - at&t fuze aka HTC Touch Pro. it is much smaller than at&t tilt yet it does come with full qwerty keyboard. anyway it shoud release sometimes in Q3 or Q4 of this yr.
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    Cellphone with Microsoft Exchange software

    under att mobility at&t tilt samsung blackjack 2 motorola q9h panatech duo iphone 3G treo 750(wm 6.0) treo 680(palm os) unlocked mobiles nokia E series mobiles nokia N series mobiles - N95 is very nice but... no full qqwerty keyboard future mobiles Treo Pro samsung Omnia...
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    QIK | Streaming video right from your phone Qik enables you to share moments of your life with your friends, family and the world - directly from your cell phone! Keep your world in the know, share a laugh, tell engaging stories. Just point your cell phone and stream video live to your...
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    Hola from Kentucky

    welcome aboard ! please get Ale-8 for me ! yummie ! jk :) i miss that drink !
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    Why some ppl hate Wal-Mart?

    well i do not like walmarts... walmarts do hurt local businesses with better qualities. walmarts do not care about enviroments in my local areas. for intance when walmart near my home decided to expand itself so they got new building with in a few mile so that old walmart building has been...
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    Google's Browser Arrives Tuesday

    Google Chrome! Have you guys tried Google Chrome! ? i like it bec it runs much faster ! Google Chrome - Download a new browser :wave:
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    Firefox 3.0... Review

    Beta Browser Speed Tests: Which Is Fastest?
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    Any suggestions on a good Wireless device?

    u can swap any mobiles with only one sim card. i recommend you to try blackjack 2, not bj1 because bj1 has some more issues.. motorola q9h, at&t tilt, at&t 8525, Nokia mobiles with any full qwerty keyboards rae great for deaf users. you can find cool mobiles in craigslist classifieds: jobs...
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    I told you about not to use wireless...

    that is pure hoax. i have seen that before.. i did see them doing silly things in videos... like mobiles making cold coffee into hot coffee. it is really the hoax... Revenge of the urban myth part 2 - Cooking popcorn with mobile phones | Mobile Phone News
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    WM 6.1 released for AT&T Tilt

    there you go. :) good luck ! btw have u tried mail2web on your WM?
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    College Football Is HERE!!

    Go Gators ! Go Vols ! Go Seminoles ! Boo Bulldogs ! Boo Hurricanes ! Both teams are my #1 hated teams even through i live in Georgia and used to live in Fl. Peace out ! :D