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    Text (SMS) Walkie-Talkie or CB?

    Ok, I will try that and ask for more information. Thank you.
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    Text (SMS) Walkie-Talkie or CB?

    I was hoping that someone who will invent the deaf talkie walkie device without service cost.? I want to text my elder mother every day without worry. I don't want fancy device.....just simply like text and email .... I remembered that I had "GetPeek" device. I loved it but it was no longer...
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    Text Messenger Walkee-Talkees

    It is still today or not?
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    Smartwatch recommendations?

    What about the Ditto Device? (
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    Best Deaf Cell Phones? Samsung Galaxy Note II is one!

    Hi, I am search for the better phablet....Which one of the phablet devices for the hearing-impaired people need.....vibrate, blink, videophone and etc....Any suggest? Thank you.
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    Deaf Alarm

    Hi, I am searching for the classic/retro flip alram clock with lamp plugin. I knew that they are stopped make it anymore. I wish I had bring it back.... 20 years ago. Any idea? Where can I find it? Thank you.
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    new 2-way text pager

    Hi, I checked and emailed it to PagerDirect.....about Zipit. They said that they offer discount $24.95 for the hearing-impaired.....
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    Portable DVD Player...HELP!

    Hi, My portable dvd player is is only 5 years old. So I will buy same model but it is no longer the company. But I am look for the muiltpie langauge (english, subtitles and etc). I hope it will be under $100.? Any idea where can I find? Thank you.
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    Hi, I went to the Cruises many times. It was great. I was wonder if any of you who went to the River Cruises before? (I never been in River cruises before...)
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    US Cellular deaf plan

    Hi, The smart phone ....unlimited everything included email, IM, internet and etc for only $19 per monthly service(data plan) flat. If you are interesting in... I am not allow to post a name of the company on the AllDeaf forum. You can email me via private. I will give you website...
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    US Cellular deaf plan

    Hi, The new company just started the special smart phone two months ago.......They have unlimited everything...text,email, webs, voice and etc for $19 per monthly service flat. I am not allow to post this detail here from the AllDeaf forum. (AllDeaf had been warned me before ...that's why I...
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    ipod touch

    Hi, I was wonder if iPod Touch (4th gen) have vibrate? What about the text/MSM? Thank you.
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    I got new Ipad 2

    Yes, it is fact not rumor....I read this artilce from yesterday. (I am not allow to post this article here. Sorry.)
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    I got new Ipad 2

    Hi, Release dates: iPad 3 = March 2012 iPad 4 = Oct 2012 Good Day.
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    ipod touch

    Hi, I heard that iPod Touch 5 Gen will be release in spring 2012. Also they have data planning (3G?)included? Deafbear