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    Tinnitus is driving me insane.

    I cut way back on salt, coffee, especially late day. Alchoholcause too. I was treated for sinus infection and it stopped mostly.
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    Seeking older woman. 48+

    Hi. Seeking relation with older woman.I am 62 yoyng for age. Living in ND untul retire to west coast. HOH getting to be severe. Ok 'call me'. Tim
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    So I been gone long time….anyone think of me?………… hurt my feelings
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    Are Murderers Born or Made?

    I think both….environment…..DNA…..lot of times it's passion……spur of the moment lose control…….then regret it rest of life…..we all have that little green monster in us.:eek3:
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    Serious relationship

    good point… and relationships section…..nowhere does it say it's only for discussion:roll:
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    Serious relationship

    bee-beep there is a lot of truth to that when ya think about it….we create our own happiness by deciding we will be happy.
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    Serious relationship

    Look I get ya'all's point….that being said….sure…it ain't a "dating site" exclusively…but ya know..trying to connect is a basic human thing….why ya'all need to knock others for being human…….this doesn't have to be an absolute "no effort to connect site". Who gave anyone the right to create this...
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    What does the state you live say about your personality

    In a constant state of flux. Lived in many states but back in a early place now. And yet may be taking on a ship fish processing job off Alaska soon. New Adventures keep on rollin. Getting too old for this actually, but one last adventure.
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    Oregon Becomes First State to Automatically Register Voters

    ke-sera-sera well it was inevitable since the freak lives there in Oregon….the Fruitcase:laugh2:
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    Oregon Becomes First State to Automatically Register Voters

    ND no registration we got that beat already…no need to register here in North Dakota
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    chat rooms?

    anyone know of a free chatroom all ages or older ages? 58 here :wave:
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    What do you do on extremely cold days?

    go to work...outside some of day .....minus 34 yesterday...bismarck nd
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    Why talking about owning different guns?

    Guns are like people the fever...they wanna steal em....guns, gold, and killer buds... nuttin but trouble....ya use em or they draw attention.
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    Man sues ex for turning down his marriage proposal down!

    it doesn't take $200,000. to figure out someone is a golddiger..... he was trying to own her...$200,000 and no sex-love? dumbs..... and she ain't gots no self-worth. playin it. both of em dirtbags
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    New member. Please help

    Try and relax....there's nothing you can do about it.....except surgery.....ya learn to accept it.....and find friends that will engage you and understand....not that gets easier and ya can realize that it makes you stronger....and understanding of others.....might start learning...