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    Hello Im just reviewing different pdas, I would need some feedback who ALREADY experience with those pdas. I had intersted in T-mobile Dash, T-mobile Wing, Blackberry 8300, Blackberry pearl and blackberry 7520 Please throw some good feedback or whatever you name.
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    Breaking News..

    it's scary moments for everybody...
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    happy b-day to my dear son.

    To my world-lilhero Sean, I alway love you forever.... So Enjoy your birthday today.. Happy Birthday to Sean! Mwahhies xoxox MOMMY
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    Internet News Captions?

    Im kinda grr with somebody don't put captions if we read any video news and there are NO captions.. do you think if have any way to download and have a subtiles on it? Care to Help?
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    Windows Vista, the successor to XP

    i alway love window xp.. they serve us better and security... vista just being in clumsy and newer.. but never know.. they can be make vista better future but i doubt. XP rocks
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    Anybody GEEK COMPUTER? *help*

    did you leave cd open and restart.. the cd will itself closed.. and press any space... it will boot the cd before starting the window.
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    Beware of Nigerian Scams

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    Anybody GEEK COMPUTER? *help*

    hold that thought.. i think i know how.. but i gotta to think how.. i will pm
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    after 2 years.........

    There somebody that I alway adore and love her every moments till today is her birthday... I will alway love you no matter what.... just want to wish you to have a BLAST birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYFREE!!!!! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :cuddle:
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    I am mad that I have CI *sigh*

    Know what... You aren't only person, Becuase I had my ci implated when i was 5 year old and it's had my dad's decidson which the doctor had been brianwashed on my dad for the money reason but again I can't stay mad at Dad for make his own decidion on me, because it's a dr who told my dad and...
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    My new car!!!

    hehe, I own 2001 Ford Escape SUV too.. It's nice but will soon to adjustable inside of my SUV when i paid the suv off, so i can pimp in my suv all i want. Easy drive and smooth ride!
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    Work work work work work

    They say that to you, * you can't be them cuz you are deaf?*
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    Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2006 [FREE GIFTS]

    I was just suggest about the future, whoever think being complain about this? I'm aware about Alex spending on his own money, just make suggestion tho, Again It's such a WONDERFUL idea to have this fun game for everybody and it's a HOILDAY to everybody to play.
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    Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2006 [FREE GIFTS]

    Alex -- I was referring to any future games that u might want to have next year or 2 years from now -- I had not mentioned that in my last post -- sorry for the misunderstanding LOL
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    Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2006 [FREE GIFTS]

    It's not a BRAND new computer.. silly.. it's can be alike software, stero connected to the computer, flat screen montior, printers, computer games.. webcams, something like this.