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    6-year-old takes family car after missing bus

    6-year-old takes family car after missing bus - Yahoo! News
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    how you know if you are really in love or not in love?

    Maybe you are too busy with school that you just don't have time to unwind and have build a relationship?
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    Apartment Questions.....

    Check out the surrounding area at night.
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    I might be pissed off

    What HearAgain said is very true. There is a limited selection of HA insurance will pay for.
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    Calling a Job interviewer

    What is BB? Also what do you mean by app? Sorry, some people just aren't sure of every abbreviations made today.
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    Cat owners, What is the best way to teach a cat not to use claws on me?

    Yes, they always try because that's cat's natural behavior to be on higher level stuff. The difference between dogs and cats lol. You could train a baby cat not to do that if you train them every single time. I believe it is that people either don't mind or they just give up and not try to...
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    How much...?

    Check out Craigslist.
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    Cat owners, What is the best way to teach a cat not to use claws on me?

    Are you able to have her nails regularly trimmed?
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    Cat Litter

    Lucia, you may be able to get the store to order Arm and Hammer litter if you tell them.
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    Replacing Aids?

    Huh? Well, I am like :-o that some people change them every 2-3 years. Last time I read, the HA replacement should be every 5 years. I have a bit of a doubt that HA should be replaced that often if the technology won't allow you more hearing anyway depending on your hearing severity. If you...
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    My New Kitten, Fuzzy! (dial up- BEWARE!)

    Very cute kitty. Enjoy the fuzzy hairs :). Some people dislike cats, but I know that some do not know that cats can be just as great as dogs. I saw that the scratching post seems worn out. Time to buy a new one girl!
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    IEP help

    faire_jour, why don't you try the oral program part of the day or bring your daughter to get a feel of the classroom? Maybe she won't be as nervous as you are as a parent, which is understandable. I think some speech exposure might help encourage Miss Kat to verbalize more. You could try part...
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    Calling a Job interviewer

    Thank you guys. You have been rather helpful. :)
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    IEP help

    :giggle: nice try again.