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    Chris was placed!!

    A couple of weeks ago Chris was officially placed in a local school with a HOH classroom. Since he was placed in a school district that I do not live in they have to provide transportation :D. I'm so excited. I also recently received a letter in the mail approving my other two kids a transfer to...
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    Quitting smoking?

    I can't quit smoking because I don't want to deal with the bitchness I would go through.
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    Place you want to visit?

    I would like to go to Dutch Harbor Alaska!
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    Where's everyone from?

    Born and Raised in Arkansas!!! GO HOGS GO!!!
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    Hey Birthday Girl!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday to chris' mom!

    Thank YOU ncff...and EVERYONE else. I was at a cubscout camp out yesteray but when I got home I discovered that my kids forgot and most everyone else. This really made my night!! THANK YOU
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    Have you ever had someone that made you feel super special?

    Nothing worse then being in a house full of people and still feeling alone
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    man wants date with drunk girl, calls 911

    that is why I don't drink in public
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    What's for dinner?

    that's what we had for dinner last night except take out the white wine and add juice
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    What's for dinner?

    Manwhich and Chips for us..boring..but easy
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    My Brother's Door, LOL!

    I remember having similar notes on my door when I was younger