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    Why Hitchhiking is Dangerous

    Scary news, I'll pay attention to it.
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    7-year-old suspended over stick-figure drawing

    Poor kid, sigh...
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    Africa Kids High on Sewage

    I feel sad about it.
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    Amazing news

    I feel very sorry for this youngest mother...
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    Oh NO, Not AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    :birthday::birthday:Happy birthday to you all!
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    Groaner for the kiddos

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!:ty:
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    "What & Shock!! Horse>>> jump to truck huh???? :)

    :whip: Wonderful video!
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    L.L. Beans Company is no longer made in America

    Because the labors in China are much cheaper. It can decrease the costs..
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    Movie: Children of a Lesser God.

    I don't remeber what it is about now.
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    What kind of job that you work for a company?

    I'm working for a deaf You can check it in my signature.
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    I'm married!

    Congratulations! Wish you have happy life!
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    Best Song Of The Month About A Girl Who Happen To Be Deaf...

    That's a lovely song. I like it.
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    What is your favourite perfume?

    I love Jen Lopez Live Deluxe
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    Have You Noticed? Part V

    Have you noticed I have posted this topic today?
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    Jclarke v. Dixie Photo Comp (Friendly)

    Wow, nice pics!