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Conversation Between Caroleee and Sharky99
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  1. Caroleee
    07-31-2011 10:54 PM - permalink
    I work caring for the elderly. It doesn't pay much, but I enjoy it a lot.
  2. Sharky99
    07-30-2011 03:54 PM - permalink
    2 part time jobs.. pizza maker for pizza place and data entry clerk for bike manufacturing company... both are cool but the data entry job is a golden one to keep..heh.. plus in college.. ah..what about yourself eh?
  3. Caroleee
    07-30-2011 01:44 PM - permalink
    what do you do for work?
  4. Sharky99
    07-28-2011 04:21 PM - permalink
    all good as well.. keeping busy with stuff.. work and etc.. ah.
  5. Caroleee
    07-28-2011 01:02 PM - permalink
    Going well and yourself?
  6. Sharky99
    07-27-2011 10:09 PM - permalink
    HI how it going eh
  7. Caroleee
    07-27-2011 03:12 PM - permalink

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