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    Bose HA
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    To me the issue of someone's ears being broken is irrelevant to the original topic. The topic was people's different opinions on CIs as a means to address severe hearing loss/deafness. It's a forgone conclusion in any CI discussion that someone has a hearing issue.
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    My meaning is the larger society wants it fixed or marginalized so that they don't have to even deal with us at all. We live right now in a world that thrives on everything being easy & simple (No Heavy lifting or doing what is hard).
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    I think that the main issue has been lost in the debate. The issue is not that ears are broken or not. It seems to me the issue is how the larger society has reacted to this and other disabilities. Either fix it or marginalize it!
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    It is just my view and only my view., but being a cyborg is kind of appealing.
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    To get CI or not is of course a personal decision. The main issue is not some much whether or not to get one, but that as a society ours seems completely uninterested in making any accommodations regarding any disability. Fix it or marginalized those with it is the current credo.
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    Super power HA/CI. question

    I know HAs & CIs work completely differently but my question is as a general rule are Super Power HAs the last resort before CIs?
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    Nice Article
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    Stem Cells Promise & Caution
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    Hearing aids are not glasses for the ears.
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    HHearing Assist?

    Problem is everyone's loss is different. Without an audiologist how do you know which aids & what programming is effective?
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    HHearing Assist?

    Just saw the commercial for these. How can they sell them without audiologist to test you hearing & program the device (None of this is mentioned).
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    United Shade of America Episode Disabilities

    Watched this on CNN last night. Thought it was informative & respectful for a change.
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    Vibrant soundbridge
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    Vibrant soundbridge

    I just happened to come across it in an online news article and was wondering if anyone had actually used it. I had no opinion about it.