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    The Sexuality Spectrum Test

    I retook this for the hell of it, and it turns out that I am: GAY I scored a -43, five points "lower" than the last time. After spring break and time to reflect, it really helped me with figuring out my sexuality more.
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    "That is gay!"

    I actually use it a lot myself... I think you can tell when someone is using it in reference to sexuality instead of a phrase.
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    Marriage or Civil Union

    I would have to agree...
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    Utah State Senator: "Gays are probably the greatest threat to America."

    I agree wholeheartedly... Unfortunately it's all about power, control, and rank... and who has the most of it...
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    Oh Super Moderator~

    Ahem... Happy day be to you, Happy day be to you, Happy day be Linux Gold, Happy day be to you!
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    Please say a prayer for a close friend of mine...

    Will keep him in my prayers...
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    New Signers' Funny Mistakes

    Oh man, I have seen many people make goofs on their signs... One of my all time favorites is when my friend tried to sign "train gone" (I had just taught him that one) and he ended up signing "cum"... Then another was when my transcriber tried to sign "Thank you" and ended up saying "f***...
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    Your Opinion about Signing Songs?

    I don't enjoy watching people who have no idea how to sign attempt to interpret a song... Also, I get really tired of watching it when they are using SEE or overusing PSE rather than PSE with ASL or ASL alone. However, I applaud their attempts because ASL is a beautiful language... and wish them...
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    I am listening to "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" by Annie Lennox and Al Green.
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    When unrequited love turns scary

    The way I look at it... unrequited love = foolishness... Love is a two-way thing... If it's not, then there is no love/relationship and changing yourself or trying to change the other person is worthless because they get all they want out of the relationship while you are suffering and they...
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    New here, and newly deaf

    Sorry to hear about the change that you are facing... But with time you will come to embrace the change and accept it more so than you do at the moment... From what you've said, you're adapting quite well... It's perfectly alright, IMO, to be upset and question why and such... Just learn to be...
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    Utah State Senator: "Gays are probably the greatest threat to America."

    Thanks for the welcome! Yea, I think the attention is unnecessary and very immature. Plus, when it garners reactions, if those of us who are involved follow suit and let it get out of proportion because we're fueling the fire, it only makes it worse... I think we should stand firm on what...
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    Utah State Senator: "Gays are probably the greatest threat to America."

    Actually, yes. But the thing is... I no longer let what they say get me down... and when topics get brought up, I either dodge it with truth or just ignore the conversation... Like, my mom, for instance... Very traditional, old-fashioned Christian... will say "I wish you'd find you a good girl...
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    Utah State Senator: "Gays are probably the greatest threat to America."

    Growing up in a Pentecostal family, I know all too much how the GLBT bashing is seen as "glorifying God" by trying to make those who are GLBT feel that there is no place in God's arms unless they change... It's annoying, but I've heard it all before... At home.