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    Making friends & practicing ASL

    Hey Tiffany! I'm learning and need a learning buddy too!
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    Want to move forward

    Hello! I'm hearing and a looking for some help. I use PSE with the vocab I've learned in the past 3 years. I really hate using PSE knowing that it's not all inclusive. I believe I know the basic 'time topic comment' sentence structure but I'm so nervous about learning it wrong. Plus I don't have...
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    Hello. Recently I've been a little panicked. I first started to learn ASL 3 years ago. I've learned what I think is a decent amount of vocab and have taken a course. Now I'm a bit panicked. In the part couple of months, I've seen a lot of things against me. Some people say hearing people...
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    Hearing girl, who’d like to make some new friends

    I'll be your friend! Maybe we could study together!
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    Old member here

    Hello! I'm 16 and am going for a career as a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard -of-Hearing. Any advice?
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    I'm hearing, mid-teens, and looking for some advice

    What has your learning methods been? Sorry if I sound weird for questioning you...I just want to make sure I am 100% in everything
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    I'm hearing, mid-teens, and looking for some advice

    Hello! About 3 years ago I became very interested in ASL. Since then, I've learned enough sign language to carry on a conversation. I sign in PSE when I do sign because I'm afraid of learning ASL syntax and other things wrong. I have also, stupidly not been learning about Deaf culture a lot. I...