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    I think all cars in 2020 should come with a builtin dashcam!
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    Does Anyone else think Dating is the worst?

    Being single is way the worst! We have mid-age lonely crisis on this planet. Good luck!
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    Damn, that sucks. I had taxi car hit my company's truck during the snowstorm about 10 years ago, it was clearly his fault due to speeding was the factor for causing the car to slid, and the final result was that the snowstorm was to blame for causing the accident. I'm like NOOO if taxi driver...
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    More and more aggressive drivers these days, I'm tempting to get blackvue, it is somewhat pricey and I knew few years later the price will go it is better to get motion sensor and night detector (my car parked inside of house garage all the times) but you never know. Last Saturday I...
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    Ask me anything

    Ask you anything? Really? What is your password? Which part in CA?
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    Please Read

    Please read far below. Are you 1234 years old?
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    Pics of you - Part V

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    In ITP and looking for someone to practice with

    I'm doing a private/public ASL tutoring here in San Francisco, would need to relocate here to practice ASL with me :lol:
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    In ITP and looking for someone to practice with

    Why don't you practice with your classmates at Troy University?
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    Pics of you - Part V

    There are no sharks in Pacific Ocean.
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Surfing @ Asilomar State Beach
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    Hurricane Florence

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    Deaf friend Application

    What is your social security number so I can proceed on your credit check to see if you are responsible enough to be my new friend.
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    First Deaf Woman Mayor in USA

    Link is broken.
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    I’m wondering how Bottesini is doing in heaven

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