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    Sciatica comes in and go on its own, I've heard yoga might help a lot.
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    My beautiful pics

    Do you smile in your sleep?
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    Will I Die Alone?

    Deaf person passed away Deaf person goes to heaven to meet god God was speaking to Deaf person Deaf person to God, I can't hear you, please write on the paper How do you communicate with hearing people on Planet Earth? God asked We use ASL interpreter to communicate, and sometimes writing back...
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    ASL is not universal Dog Humping is universal
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    Im 20 and i just been told im going deaf..

    Welcome to deaf world!
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    Photo of the Day

    Brachiosaurus is about to smash my car. Part out soon.
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    should i tell my boss?

    Do you have a smartphone? Most smartphone comes with sorenson ntouch videophone or convo videophone, or purple videophone APPS, and they are free. Maybe you can register phone number for customers to make a direct call to your videophone app in your smartphone. This is example;
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    should i tell my boss?

    Many deaf employers use videophone to make vital calls, some even make calls for 8 hours everyday. Maybe you can ask your boss to install videophone at your work so that way you can receive/make calls with no issues. How fluent is your ASL?
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    Photo of the Day

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    Why ASL if you’re from Ukraine? Why not learn RSL/USL?
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    How is your weather today part II

    70 + sunny ... captured California Condor at Pebble Beach during my cycling workout.
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    I think all cars in 2020 should come with a builtin dashcam!
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    Does Anyone else think Dating is the worst?

    Being single is way the worst! We have mid-age lonely crisis on this planet. Good luck!
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    Damn, that sucks. I had taxi car hit my company's truck during the snowstorm about 10 years ago, it was clearly his fault due to speeding was the factor for causing the car to slid, and the final result was that the snowstorm was to blame for causing the accident. I'm like NOOO if taxi driver...
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    More and more aggressive drivers these days, I'm tempting to get blackvue, it is somewhat pricey and I knew few years later the price will go it is better to get motion sensor and night detector (my car parked inside of house garage all the times) but you never know. Last Saturday I...

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