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  1. totallynotamaru
    14 year old hearing boy learning asl and deaf culture. Would love to meet friends
  2. Nijah davis
    Nijah davis
    Hi i want interview to deaf that maybe interested to Be in the book get hearing to understand us?
  3. Estelle
    Hearing,student, look for a practice buddy.
  4. AnnieQuill
  5. Rio
  6. renirene
  7. renirene
  8. renirene
  9. renirene
  10. TyMom
    Enjoying God's grace
  11. Lysander
    Lysander DeafNerdMommy
    Love the new picture.
    1. DeafNerdMommy
      Thank you:)
      Oct 16, 2017 at 3:25 PM
  12. Adrienne E
    Adrienne E rockin'robin
    Hi Robin. Are there any interesting Silent events in Jacksonville? I'm having trouble finding information about the community there.
  13. King Root
  14. Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly Etsuko M.
    Hey Etsuko! I am new to this site too. I have severe hearing loss, to the point of being 'legally deaf' by definition. I struggle to communicate, still learning to sign. Also looking to meet deaf friends here :) Hope your weekend is going well so far!
  15. Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly LINDA BARNES
    Hey! I also responded to your intro post. I am also new here and looking to make friends.
  16. Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly poetry_bylove
    Hey! Thought I'd message you. I responded to your welcome post as well. I'm also in Canada and a writer, and hard of hearing. :) Hope you're having a good weekend so far.
  17. Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly Brit-ton-nee123
    Hi Brittani, just responding to your newcomer post. I am also new and also looking for friends! So I thought I would connect. Hope you're having a great weekend.
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  18. Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly attilio1911
    Hey Sebastien, saw your post in the newcomers forum. I just started my profile yesterday. I'm new to everything: AllDeaf, Deaf community, and even sign language. I'm hoping to meet some people here and I saw your request for friends/messages so thought I'd drop you a line. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)
  19. Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly
    awake! again! sleep is elusive...
  20. Shane Kelly
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