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  1. Brenda hicks
    Brenda hicks jack4rosey
    Hello Jack, how are you doing ? I'm new on here
  2. Renzel Castillano
  3. SincerelyDess
    New to this, hello everyone
  4. Jaidah20
    Ridiculously bored.
  5. Renzel Castillano
    Renzel Castillano
    Hello. How are you? I'm just your friend :).
  6. Marco the Bachelor
    Marco the Bachelor 3sweetsouls
    Welcome to the site. Unfortunately I live in upstate NY. six hours from Cleveland. So.. Oh well. You sound like nice woman. Have you found anyone on here yet? Talk to you soon!
  7. Jaidah20
    Jaidah20 DeafNerdMommy
    Your profile picture just made me get mad all over again that my little cousin lost my piercing . Lol . I've been looking for it nonstop .
  8. Jaidah20
  9. Viviana James
    Viviana James
    Seriously searching for serious man for serious long and lasting relationship
  10. crps369
    Had a great birthday yesterday...
    1. SilverRoxy
      Happy Birthday!!
      Jul 22, 2017 at 11:52 PM
  11. is a premier deaf-related job listing site that allows employers to post paid job ads to recruit deaf job seekers.
  12. DJJohnna
    I want to learn ASL through Skype or something.
  13. Premier Doors
    Premier Doors
    Premier Door System Manufacturer in Melbourne
  14. Rio
    Be kind to each other.
  15. Korey Geer
    Korey Geer
    Hello Everyone.My Name is Korey ( Deaf) if you live in my area ( South Dakota) and need help with ASL,please let me know.
  16. nnsrhndhjGER
    Its really quiet in here
  17. Lesbiankisses
    Hi you gorgeous ladies introduce yourself I'm a bit shy but I would introduce myself back i am new here
  18. DeafNotdumb
    Say whaat???
  19. Maria Fran
    Maria Fran
    I learn sign language BSL
  20. nnsrhndhjGER
    I am new and ready to get in touch with you lovely folks
    1. Lena Sutton
      Lena Sutton
      Jul 21, 2017 at 3:35 PM
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