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  1. Xela Luna
    Xela Luna
    Trying to keep myself from falling apart
  2. Rio
    Enjoying peace and calm YL oil nice to be stress free
  3. 1mamacita1
    Hi I new on here is there any single man that deaf or HOH? I prefer single man.
  4. golfnut8
    Bored looking for new friends to chat with
  5. Rio
    Feeling blessed!
  6. BellaDeanna
    Hello I am learning ASL and would like to make some friends :)
  7. Rio
    Shake it off-Taylor Swift
  8. Kaitlyn Moore
    Kaitlyn Moore
    I want a buddy I can video chat with to learn more out of school
  9. Kaitlyn Moore
    Kaitlyn Moore
    I started learning ASL this year and really like it I want to pursue it as a career in deaf education or interpretation
  10. Niels
    To Learn Dutch sign language, meet people and reading the posts on this forum with attention.
  11. Julius Melendez
    Julius Melendez
    Ashburn dedicated servers
  12. Hunter
    I am a high school student that has many deaf people in my family and want to become an interpreter
  13. Carley
    I want to learn ASL. I have start to learn some on my own and would love the chance to practice and learn more.
  14. lindalufkin1
    Hi, yes I'm hearing. I have been searching for a way to communicate with deaf people, because there aren't any that I know of in my area.
  15. Barbara Gilley
  16. Rio
    Love your foes
  17. Darwin Welch
    Darwin Welch
    Online Concepts inc.
  18. SilverRoxy
    Happy Easter Recess for all of you that are students and teachers!!
  19. FetchMeThatBlueMoon
  20. mountain90
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