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  1. SSI questions
  2. Pilot flies with Seeing Eye dog
  3. Praxis
  4. Deaf Rights Case
  5. SSI/SSDI and School
  6. Not answering email for providing interpreter during job interview
  7. What do you think of my letter ??
  8. The service dog battle continues
  9. When to disclose hearing disablilty to potential employer
  10. Is it part of deaf discrimination?
  11. harassing call help
  12. SSI wouldn't provide interpreter to explain rules and now facing overpayment notice
  13. Websites to educate new boss/coworkers about deaf employees
  14. Those of you who have SSI/SSDI
  15. DOT Fines Virgin America $150.000 For Safety Videos Not Suitable For The Deaf
  16. Are deaf hospital or clinic patients required to have interpreters?
  17. May be getting laid off soon, how easy is
  18. Who is a disabled, as far as working goes?
  19. A question.
  20. Home Security Systems
  21. Father might lose his job due to hearing loss
  22. Will I qualify for Social Security Disability benefits ? Hearing loss on both ears 90
  23. Asked to change swimming lesson classes.
  24. AAAAAAAAAAARGh concert :(
  25. Being a flight attendant and being HoH
  26. Deaf EMT
  27. National Association of the Deaf
  28. Department of Rehabilitation
  29. Lotsa Questions! :-)
  30. question
  31. FM System in school setting
  32. eligible law T5
  33. How many of you on disability income, or some form of SSI/SSDI/etc?
  34. Vanderbilt emergency survey
  35. Thoughts on VESID
  36. Deaf Web User Loses Discrimination Case Against eBay Read more: http://www.mediapost
  37. Question about Keith Wann
  38. SSDI/Unemployment benefits/big savings account?
  39. First time Job Interview Link ADA
  40. First time going to the state department of rehabilitation
  41. Dealing with ADA violations -- here's how
  42. Another Doctor / hospital - No interpreters and "dropping the ball" - LONG
  43. Question about SSI
  44. tty & mobile devices
  45. Wells Fargo claim process
  46. How to catch disability discrimination
  47. Question about work and SSDI
  48. Outrageous Employment Discrimination
  49. No Disability Services for Adult Schools!
  50. 21 Century Communication Act
  51. When should I request ADA accommodations for a job
  52. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
  53. Question about SSDI Benefits For baby
  54. Were deaf man's rights violated?
  55. two deaf co workers in same dept./interpreter issues
  56. Denied extra time for exams
  57. Public auctions???
  58. Central Florida Deaf Community need an upgrade
  59. Can you take some money from SSI and put them on a seperate debit card?
  60. Question 911 Emergency Situations
  61. Emergency Medical Services
  62. can a school restrict me
  63. Man Says Starbucks Discriminated Against Him Because He Has Half An Arm
  64. Deaf in the Militaryn (Video - Subtitled)
  65. New job
  66. how is it legal?
  67. Does anyone knows whom cloud present food stamp applications
  68. Sorenson Video Phone~
  69. does the ADA cover VP videophones if TTY is provided?
  70. Disabity fund program
  71. Any advice for getting HoH accomidations at public school for 2nd grader?
  72. What to do if no interpeter available?
  73. No Interpreter Provided - How to Proceed?
  74. Apartment Bullying
  75. bank requirements for relay
  76. Best buy Job position Issue
  77. online captioning!!!
  78. Head to Head w/Work... Help me!
  79. ADA - Apartments
  80. Doctor--no interpreter!
  81. Deaf man wants sign language interpreter at nudist camp in Cayuga County
  82. Human Rights Commission
  83. ssi question
  84. SS office called, do you think I am approved?
  85. Ok, I have a dumb question...
  86. College interpreter
  87. OC on open day or any movies
  88. Do deaf folks consider themselves disabled?
  89. Help please Need advice
  90. Hotel ADA Accomodation - need advice.
  91. Interpreter at Doctor appointment
  92. Childs IEP No Terp for me
  93. Should I fight for an interpreter?
  94. My IEP's rights
  95. College Dorm ADA
  96. Relay Service Hangups
  97. Target Employment
  98. test
  99. Judge refuses to acknowledge hoh
  100. West Virginia Deaf meeting with WVCDHH boards yesterday
  101. Welcome to the Kurdistan Online Newspapersz
  102. social servies using it for employment
  103. Get Educated on Schedule A Letters!
  104. ADA & other resources
  105. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Introduces Visual Paging Services for Deaf
  106. West Virginia
  107. Pennsylvania: Deaf Advocacy (help please!)
  108. FBI violated my son's ADA rights
  109. Soon the government check won't be in the mail
  110. Do you guys believe in Disability?
  111. A Question About SSI
  112. Suing hospital for taking Interpreter away from me
  113. My brother not being allowed to use his cell phone
  114. Home Health Care refuses to provide interpreter
  115. Law Enforcement
  116. Is there a law that prohibits it?
  117. Canadian Federal Civil Servant Accomodations?
  118. Harrassment for being deaf at work
  119. my public school fails to find me a sub 'terp.
  120. Will our SSI will be cut off ?
  121. Obama signs 21st Century Comm & Video Access Act
  122. What businesses need to provide interpreters most?
  123. employment in new york city
  124. Congrats Illinois (Language Assistance Service Act)
  125. interpreters for mediation
  126. Senate Passes S.3304 Unanimously
  127. H.R. 3101 for Communications and Video Accessibility Act
  128. DOJ posts new definition of service animal
  129. education driver class; violate ada law?
  130. Hate Crime
  131. Censored FCC Hands on Video Relay Services KPMG report (2008)
  132. United Healthcare pays for HAs thanks to ADA
  133. Wasteful time fill out applied Many JOBS
  134. Reasonable accomodation?
  135. right to terps in private treatment
  136. Lawsuit: Deaf Patients Didn't Get Interpreters
  137. Disney refuse to hire
  138. "Fixing" the child or not?
  139. Perception
  140. Emergency!!!
  141. ada lawyers
  142. Cool Video of How Deaf Inc. Help Deaf Community with Deaf Rights and ADA
  143. Deaf Flight Attendent???????
  144. Class Action Lawsuit: eBay Violated ADA
  145. Am I over reacting?
  146. Question about SSDI and SSI
  147. VA Senate Bill 689
  148. Is there any leagal grounds due to a rumour I fot Fired beacuse I could not hear
  149. Online school
  150. Need help from deaf people in Nebraska!
  151. Job losses send disability claims soaring
  152. I have problem at job. Any deafies here cashier?
  153. Deaf Drivers in the World
  154. Here it is - Being on SSI can be better than "Normal Life"
  155. Those Receiving SSI, How Much Do You Get Each Month?
  156. SSI Is a Joke
  158. Private doctor refuse pay for a interpreter!
  159. Jury Summons!
  160. Social Security Disability
  161. Once Applied for first time SSI!
  162. seeking anger management classes
  163. 3,900 stimulus checks went to prison inmates
  164. Question about SSDI/SSI without an Interpreter
  165. Schools Fight Families Over Autism Service Dogs
  166. Question about SSI
  167. Deaf Rights for an interpreter for "club meetings?"
  168. Interpreter for SEE
  169. Failed to aware of ADA
  170. NO H8 Campaign
  171. My SSD Application Got Denied
  172. USA to Sign CRPD
  173. Deaf Juror?
  174. Wells Fargo Discrimination!!
  175. Deaf drivers reach proposed settlement with UPS
  176. Advantage of Kansas and Missouri VR services?
  177. Santa Monica Police -refusal to obtain terp
  178. University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS)
  179. Can i sue a doctor? I don't understand why some doctor can't afford to pay an inter..
  180. Is enough being done in emergency preparedness for disabled Americans?
  181. Your unemployment experiences
  182. Certification for Deaf/HOH service dog?
  183. Birthday Party
  184. rights when in high school
  185. Looking for word
  186. Need a better organization to help deafs' rights?
  187. Advacocy
  188. Just for my own clarification.
  189. College Exam
  190. Civil Rights w/disabled violated.
  191. Does anyone know anything about the program 'Hear Now'?
  192. SSI Overpayment
  193. accomodations questions
  194. feeling about out of place or uncomfortable
  195. Discrimination
  196. Challenges
  197. Question regarding requesting an accomodation
  198. How long is long enough?
  199. Terp Agency Denies Services
  200. "Turn your Hearing Aid up!"
  201. Training materials for me by me?
  202. A Question For Those Employed: How Hard is Your Job, Really?
  203. Refused a hearing aid consult!
  204. Help and Opinions Needed RE: Driving
  205. Fast food clerk won't follow my written order
  206. ssi is being canceled?
  207. Do I have the right to refuse to use spoken english?
  208. I found a very interesteing read regarding ADA/interpreters
  209. Dsc/dcs?
  210. So I just got denied an interpreter by the circuit court judge
  211. So I gotta go to court in 4 hours
  212. Letter I wrote to the county - feedback?
  213. Administrative stuff for people in France
  214. Theater Audition
  215. Australian Disability Act: Deafness Resource Centre
  216. for my research paper
  217. Job Resume - school for the Deaf
  218. Obama's support for Deaf
  219. Tugg vs Towey
  220. Discrimination of IELTS against profound deaf people
  221. Disability right with cell phone company?
  222. Need Phone number of ADA In Worcester, Ma
  223. ADA law
  224. Should We file Lawsuits against NTID?
  225. NAD Calls for Equal Access to Community Services and for Strong ADA Rules for Busine
  226. Local Jail not set for the deaf
  227. question about captioning laws?
  228. HOH Interpreters & Deaf clients
  229. problems with military housing
  230. what is going on hearing people huh!!!
  231. Highest Deaf award in USA
  232. curious
  233. Canadian disability laws?
  234. retaliation from a video relay installer
  235. Being deaf in discriminating hearing world (long)
  236. Dealing with Neighbor complaints of Loud Noises
  237. To pay or not to pay
  238. How Deaf Do You Need to be for a Dog?
  239. Suing former employer for violating ADA?
  240. Do I "need to wear a hearing device while driving"?
  241. Hud
  242. was this discrimination? or is this accually legal to do to deaf kids?
  243. Are Deaf People (from birth) Disabled?
  244. Wal-Mart
  245. my friend applied walmart
  246. New Person, SSDI question
  247. ssi - anyone?
  248. Rights of Deaf in Court???
  249. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  250. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
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