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  1. tips from police who support deaf.
  2. How much do you know which is most important?
  3. Discriminated again...
  4. A Deaf Professional Adult's Perspective
  5. Problems with the Legal System
  6. refused to provide an interpreter
  7. Restaurant customer service sucks
  8. i need help
  9. ADA... Serious Or Not?
  10. Demand to talk ...
  11. Hotel ADA
  12. Required by Law...
  13. Post Office Is Sued by Deaf Workers
  14. Products for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  15. Electrican
  16. openCap theatures laws?
  17. Stupid Hardee's!!!!!!!
  18. UPS Settles Suit With Deaf Employees
  19. Is your States Department Vocational Rehabilitation sufficient help you?
  20. official complaint of discrimination against a Social Security office
  21. Did insensitivity, lack of attention cost him his job?
  22. Canadian ADA Law????
  23. Motels/Pros and Cons
  24. Ssdi
  25. General Wesley Clark's Pro-ADA platform
  26. Fast Food Resturant Drive-Thru
  27. Need your opinion...
  28. Sue Target
  29. Rude City Bus Drivers or bad bus riding experince
  30. Rude Taxi Drivers or Cab company cusomer services
  31. Some States laws that FORBIDS deaf people from driving yellow and non-yellow school b
  32. Service Dog
  33. Ditch Blockbuster.
  34. Discovered about Discrimation under Ontario,Canada!!!
  35. I need to Vent!
  36. discriminated? or Mobbing?
  37. Need Deaf/HoH Registered Nurses and Doctors!
  38. Are the Disables parents allow to adopt or foster the babies/children?
  39. Lawyer settles interpreter case
  40. Moving
  41. Supreme Court upholds rights of disabled
  42. Non Confrontational Approach to ADA Enforcement
  43. DeafBlind Rejected...
  44. Play the ADA Game!
  45. Housing Issues Problem...
  46. need ur opinion
  47. Optional
  48. What ADA requirements would you like to see...
  49. ATTN: Need more information for my deaf friend
  50. Canadian Disabilities Act
  51. Kohls
  52. Retail stores/restaurants/etc..
  53. Provide interpreter?
  54. employment for people with disabilities
  55. Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants Not Allowed!
  56. Can I be fired for safety or work reasons?
  57. ADA Rant from a newbie
  58. Tangent to "Can I be fired for safety or work reasons?"
  59. Jobs
  60. Employment Access at Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Amtrak, and FedEx
  61. Applying for jobs online
  62. U.S. Justice Department Complaint Title II
  63. Deaf parents/hearing child w/disability/ADA and IEP?
  64. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ...how strong is it now?
  65. I need a legal advocate for the deaf!
  66. Needed: ADA Articles
  67. Disability opinions
  68. Driving Training place
  69. Important Ada Info! Save And Print!
  70. Can ADA forces non-profit org to provide me a terp?
  71. Anti-ADA Judge Terrence Boyle
  72. Deaf employee and phone calls
  73. Deaf designers/artists?
  74. Deaf self-representation in Court
  75. community theatre
  76. Need some advice..
  77. Deaf Advocacy Foreshock
  78. Supreme Court: Cruise ships must provide access for disabled
  79. Ssi . .
  80. Kids as Self Advocates in CT
  81. File Compliant with American Disabilities Act
  82. Videos on CNN's website
  83. Disabilities Act editorial
  84. Request Federal for donate weather alarm accessories?
  85. ADA Case Could Be Key Test for Roberts
  86. F.Y.I. about weather warning alert for deafia
  87. The California Disability Gaming Initative - A Path to Dignity and Self Reliance
  88. notes on sexual disablities
  89. Fire Alarms in Buildings.
  90. Visor Card for ASL Users
  91. Pre-Paid Legal Hell! ( Very important! )
  92. Pre Paid Legal Hell ][!
  93. need help with research on ADA
  94. Question about ADA
  95. words and terms commonly used by the "able-bodied" to describe the disabled world
  96. resident manager issues...
  97. Forrest vs Buydig.com Settlement (Important!)
  98. Emergency Vehicle failed to alert me siren light did not show turn on
  99. Court Judge: Pay Interprefer
  100. Bank Of America Communication Problems?
  101. ADA and Small Businesses
  102. computer network career
  103. Benefits
  104. My RIGHTS to keep my Hearing Dog....
  105. Discrimination or its life.
  106. Blind Embrace Art As Museums Welcome Them
  107. have you ever been down or discriminated from...
  108. Dumb access denial excuses for your service dog
  109. Need Help: Do Seminars require to provide Interpreters?
  110. FAQ regarding interpreters
  111. we need to be unified
  112. Service Dog vs. Hospital/Doctors
  113. ADA violations-Home Depot
  114. Screening Interviews
  115. I need your help with school needs to provide deaf parents with interpreter...
  116. Interpreter Fees - Tax Deduction?
  117. Deaf Justice?
  118. Asking for Donations
  119. AFL-CIO : Please sign petition to increase the minimum wage to $7.25
  120. retired employees of the federal government
  121. AIRPORT - Presented by Deaf Images
  122. Sighs! Read this !
  123. VBR question???
  124. Attn: Everyone - Pls Read
  125. Uhaul messed it up today!
  126. Our office building management company messed up big time!
  127. Congress authorizes coin for Braille
  128. VOTE IN OPPOSITION TO HB 2802. They want unqualified interpreters for Deaf people !!!
  129. Help with ADA as applies to deaf/hh kiddos being mainstreamed??
  130. ASL in Healthcare
  131. Another poll on healthcare.
  133. National Association of the Deaf screwed us over with this class settlement
  134. Wheelchair or Scooter users can get up to $8,000 from the Kmart settlement
  135. 'Seeing shoes' offer help to blind
  136. Relay fraud
  137. Good Thinking!!!
  138. Pilots?
  139. Ada Violation
  140. where do i get a lawyer for ada violation?
  141. Police?
  142. Mcdonalds wont fully accommodate Deaf needs
  143. Asking my company to buy me a SideKick
  144. Having SSI and a job.
  145. Fire alarms
  146. Voc'l Dept & VP?
  147. SSDI and Move another state Question
  148. Employer discrimination - is it?
  149. Hearing impaired and D.O.T. physical?
  150. Doctor visit
  151. Deaf student's dog turned away from school
  152. Deaf-Blind and 9-1-1
  153. Ignored Deaf Americans in Americans with Disabilities Act
  154. Sign of the Times
  155. SSI over paid me.
  156. Your Boss forgot to tell ya.
  157. Effective Communication in Hospital
  158. (LOS ANGELES) Fox Channel has no CC
  159. Can someone deaf receive SS/SSI
  160. Pointers to interesting Social Security disability info (SSA SSDI SSI)
  161. ssi and marriage?
  162. deaf/late to work
  163. I filed for ssi and disablity and i got denied
  164. OCDAC To Equip Over 150 Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers
  165. can hoh people get ssdi??
  166. ice skating
  167. Wal-mart discrimation
  168. Another!
  169. DOT PHysical and hearing aids
  170. One interpreter for long class?
  171. Please Help With My Research
  172. how can I grow in my workplace?
  173. FCC is treatening to cut down VRS services
  174. what if fcc cut vrs already right then what you do next?
  175. Whose responsibility?
  176. SSI - where do I start??
  177. The US DOJ Will Propose New Rules Relating To ADA
  178. Deaf Man Arrested w/o assistance
  179. Ada Law Donot Protect Hard Of Hearing People!
  180. Movie theaters, assisted listening devices, and the ADA
  181. Jury Duties Call
  182. H.R. Bill 2329
  183. Since Bush became President in 2000...
  184. tax break
  185. Discrimination Policy
  186. no tdd at the second location
  187. anyone wiht deaf/ FMS still working??
  188. Workmates skipping relay
  189. Can they legally refuse me an interpreter?
  190. Can they refuse me an interpreter?
  191. How to protect my banking privacy from parents?
  192. Doctor's office refused to provide interpreter!!!
  193. Ssi
  194. Possible Discrimnation against Arby's.
  195. discrimination against Costco Wholesales
  196. Metrolink gave my deaf friend a ticket!
  197. deafdrivethru.com
  198. There is no value with this sub-forum.
  199. Housing Assistance for the disabilities?
  200. Office says providing terp is "charity"
  201. Employers' responsibilities under ADA
  202. deaf in a hearing job
  203. FREE CEU ADA and Other Laws Surrounding Deaf, Hearing Individuals and Interpreters
  204. Job Interview
  205. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  206. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  207. Rights of Deaf in Court???
  208. ssi - anyone?
  209. New Person, SSDI question
  210. my friend applied walmart
  211. Wal-Mart
  212. Are Deaf People (from birth) Disabled?
  213. was this discrimination? or is this accually legal to do to deaf kids?
  214. Hud
  215. Do I "need to wear a hearing device while driving"?
  216. Suing former employer for violating ADA?
  217. How Deaf Do You Need to be for a Dog?
  218. To pay or not to pay
  219. Dealing with Neighbor complaints of Loud Noises
  220. Being deaf in discriminating hearing world (long)
  221. retaliation from a video relay installer
  222. Canadian disability laws?
  223. curious
  224. Highest Deaf award in USA
  225. what is going on hearing people huh!!!
  226. problems with military housing
  227. HOH Interpreters & Deaf clients
  228. question about captioning laws?
  229. Local Jail not set for the deaf
  230. NAD Calls for Equal Access to Community Services and for Strong ADA Rules for Busine
  231. Should We file Lawsuits against NTID?
  232. ADA law
  233. Need Phone number of ADA In Worcester, Ma
  234. Disability right with cell phone company?
  235. Discrimination of IELTS against profound deaf people
  236. Tugg vs Towey
  237. Obama's support for Deaf
  238. Job Resume - school for the Deaf
  239. for my research paper
  240. Australian Disability Act: Deafness Resource Centre
  241. Theater Audition
  242. Administrative stuff for people in France
  243. Letter I wrote to the county - feedback?
  244. So I gotta go to court in 4 hours
  245. So I just got denied an interpreter by the circuit court judge
  246. Dsc/dcs?
  247. I found a very interesteing read regarding ADA/interpreters
  248. Do I have the right to refuse to use spoken english?
  249. ssi is being canceled?
  250. Fast food clerk won't follow my written order