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Originally Posted by cdmeggers View Post
Was that my computer buzzing I was hearing? I think it was. Now, I've always heard my computer make noise before with the other hearing aids. But tonight, it was an actual BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, whoa. Was kind of loud and obnoxious. Whew.
WOW! That is great!...I think!

Tonight I ordered the Hatis Epic dual earhook! I heard about it from you, and I am very excited to get it. I was holding off to see if I could hear music with the Naida before I ordered it. I have decided I can hear music well enough to warrant the purchase!

Hopefully I will be able to see my audi for some adjustments soon. I haven't really had any adjustments yet because I have been working on getting fully functioning aids. Now that I have that, I am on to perfecting the sound. I think the frequency compression may need to be adjusted, I want to FM/Mic ratio adjusted in my FM+Mic program, and maybe a few other things. I don't know yet. I fired off and email to my audi on Friday, hopefully she will get back to me early next week. She also was supposed to look into my speech in noise problems.
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