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Originally Posted by XBGMER View Post
ooops, nevermind! i read your post said: you rent DVD.. sorry
On DVD and online.

The ones I'm currently watching on DVD are Rurouni Kenshin and Shadow Skill. I'm renting them online, so it takes time to watch them since I'm also watching another television series at the same time.

Rurouni Kenshin is about this guy who is a former manslayer who decides to use a reverse-blade sword instead... while trying to maintain peace in medieval Japan.

Shadow Skill is about this gal who's a martial arts fighter who represents a city as one of the top-rated fighters and as a "guardian". She has a little brother whom she trains with the same martial arts... while trying to defend the city from evil enemies seeking revenge for unknown reasons.

As for online, I watched Death Note last week. It's about this high school kid who finds a notebook called "Death Note". When you write people's names in it, they will die. While he's writing in the notebook, another person comes into the picture... trying to find out who this person is. Unfortunately, in order for the Death Note to work... the owner has to know the person's real name. Since the investigator's name is unknown, it becomes a battle of wits between the investigator and the killer.

The one I recently completed yesterday was Onegai Teacher. The English translation is Please! Teacher. It's about this high school kid witnesses an alien appearing at a nearby lake. He passes out and wakes up thinking it was a dream. He goes to school and finds out that he has a new teacher... who looks the same as the alien he saw in his dreams. When he goes home, he finds out that his new neighbor is his teacher. When he finally realizes who she really is, both are eventually caught together at school and his uncle covers it up by saying that they are married. So, they get married... in order to cover up their relationship... but there's more to it... what is it?

Right now, I'm watching Karin. It's about this high school girl who's a vampire. However, she's not your ordinary vampire. Yes, she does bite people to drink blood from them... but she also produces a lot of blood on her own. So, she suffers random severe nosebleeds from time to time when she is stressed out. She also doesn't suffer sunlight like the rest of her family does. Even more interesting is that their taste of blood is not based on the blood itself, but where the blood comes from. For instance, one vampire might like blood that comes from people who are liars while others come from people who are stressed. Lastly, she tries to hide her true identity while dealing with a new boy who has just transferred to her school.
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