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Here's my traveling list.

When I went up to Iowa from Arkansas, I drove through Missouri to reach Iowa. After arriving Iowa, I was curious to check out all the cows in Wisconsin. That is when I touched Wisconsin and Michigan.

Only 3 new states I touched.

Few years later, Went to Kansas for renioun so I went through Oklahoma. I have been to Oklahoma when I was very little but my first memory of Oklahoma was when I went to Kansas.

We went to Texas so we finally went across northwest of Lousiana. Texas was so my dad wanted to check out some big snake show where they show rattlesnake milkings. Milking out posion from their teeth and they had few performers doing daring events in this show.

My mother, my two young brothers, and I went up to Connecticut because my dad was working on a nuclear plant up there. We drove through Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York then finally reached Connecticut. We went driving through Massachett and Rhode Island. We had flew in an helicopter which went over the ocean and landed in Delware.

We came back home in the same states as when we went up there.

My baseball tournment was in Arizona so we only flew over the 3 states to Phoneix.

I got old enough and started dating my wife. We tried to move to New Hampshire so we drove through the same states as my mother did but we drove back the different way. When we were in New Hampshire, we went to Maine and Vermont. We decided not to bother going up into Canada and check it out. We slightly regret it now. We went through Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee then finally reached Arkansas on the way to home.

We went to New Orleans for Mardia Gras (no didn't see anyone flashing except my wife, before we got married, in our hotel room).

On our honeymoon last August, we went to Sedona, AZ. We drove through Texas and New Mexico into Arizona. We went up to Las Vegas in Nevada. We drove back home from Las Vegas through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, then Oklahoma.

Because of my business trips, we went to Florida twice this year. First time was January and second time was last month, April. It was warm enough that we went to the beach. We drove through Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia into Florida.

Now only two states west of the Mississippi river that I haven't touched are both the Carolinas.

Only one state in the south I have not touched is California.

That leaves me 16 states to go.

I have dreamt of going to visit Montana. So it would be on my "next-state-to-check-out" list. Heeehee..
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