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*doh* no one did MN =X From a left handed person who has a dominant right hand when signing:

Minneapolis - tap the letter D on the left frontal shoulder with right hand twice (i know the story behind this.. lol)
St Paul - like the ASL version of government (with your index finger as opposed the the "see" version with the letter G) but use S-P with the middle finger touching your temple.

Most suburbs have their own signs, like most states. A lot of the western-mpls suburbs are snobby places so they use the first letter of their names, while signing it like snob: Edina, Bloomington, Eden Prairie (just EP at the nose), Minnetonka.. *thinks* theres more, i know. Hopkins, is signed like jump, with your right hand jumping away from the left with "legs" you know? *stabs self* I'm rambling.. I've lived here too long.. =X
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