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Cleveland, Ohio - "C" touching your right shoulder then left

Akron, Ohio - the "X" hand shape brushing the side of your chin

Madison, Ohio (my pitiful hometown) - Like government, but with an "M"

Columbus, Ohio - "C" shaken in front of your shoulder

Cincinatti, Ohio - "C" brushed under the chin

Mentor, Ohio - same sign as "bird"

Some international signs I know:

Paris, France - both hands with the 2 handshape face eachother and move in and up in the shape of the Eiffel Tower

China - left hand makes a "G" and right index finder taps it so it almost makes an "A" shape

Japan - make the sign for vagina and then touch your fingers to your thumbs like you're trying to pinch something

Australia - 8 handshape with palms facing down and flick middle fingers, like a kangaroo hopping (I love that sign)

Egypt - make a pyramid with the B handshape
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