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HAWAII - make a circle around your face with H, like beautiful. The deaf natives there prefer that sign to the "hula" sign. We think that hula sign is quite ridiculous. LOL Java did you know that sign?

Kailua, Hawaii - Make 7 motion with K. Like Philly.
Kaneohe, Hawaii - Make 7 motion, but change from K to N.

MARYLAND - I've always used M-D, too.
Hagerstown, MD - like hard of hearing. HH.
Frederick, MD - Shake F in midair in front of your chest.
Columbia, MD - Shake C in the same manner as Frederick.
Wash DC - I've always used D-C.
Baltimore - sign like HH, but it's "B."


NORWAY - "N" making this strong motion: /\ once. I learned this sign from the Norwegian deafies I met.

Trondheim, Norway - kinda like "period" sign for Moscow.

Austria - Sign is like "bones" with two fingers being clawed (like sign for problem, but the fingers are a bit spread apart). I think you just tap the fists together a few times.

LOL on the London thing.. yeah I learned that, also.

British/England - according to a couple of british deaf artists that came last year at Deaf Way 2, the sign was like "lesbian" on the chin, but the L is not so rigid.. just embraces the chin. You know what I am talking about Waz?

ITALY - shake hand while you make a C shape but show only the index finger and the thumb and the rest closed in a fist... it's to show the pennisula of Italy.

RUSSIA - kinda like the "dry" sign... but it's on the chin, not under the chin, and your index finger is used.. the rest in a fist. Act as if you are wiping something off your chin, like at one swipe and then shake it once... darn hard to describe this sign haha anybody help out?? Oh hey, I learned this sign from a roommate who was from Russia.
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