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Originally Posted by dawn
I can speak and lipread. I can't sign, but I wish i could. I could hear well enough when I was younger and I was able to talk on the phone until about the age of 20. My hearing disappeared over the years and I have none left now.
Me too..and i didnt learn sign language until i was in my late teens/20's when i realize that my hearing loss is getting worse and then i lost all my hearing in my right ear so i learned sign language just in case i go completely deaf and also i had some deaf friends who cannot speak or lipread at all. My husband is hearing but lost a little hearing in left ear so he learned sign language from me. You might check with your area and see if they teach sign language so you can learn too if you want to, ok? Oh by the way, i still have some hearing in my left ear so far so good and wear hearing aid in that ear too.

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