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I am deaf, and i am also a firefighter and medic. Two things that hearies stop and say,"wait a minute... But your deaf". It surprisesa them to no end that i am capable of doing that work, though i am deaf... Moreso than it surprises them that i can do it though i am a woman. Someone once asked my chief whats it like having a deaf woman on the fire department, and he said "i would fight fire with her as my partner, any day. And probably before most of these hearing guys!" it was a big honour to hear that! I just remind the skeptics how easy my job is and that anyone can do it... BLOOD GOES ROUND AND ROUND, AIR GOES IN AND OUT. ANY VARIATION IS a BAD THING. AND ALWAYS... PUT tHE WET STUFF ON tHE HOT STUFF. see? Piece of cake. :-)
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