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Originally Posted by Deafilmedia View Post
1. Someone who give excuse to not to work
2. Someone who keep asking you for money and won't pay back.
3. Someone who will use you and abuse your credit card.
4. Bums are the laziest people on earth.
5. They will try to control your money. Should not pay on bills but on them.
6. Will take your car anywhere and won't fill up the gas tank.
7. They buy gifts for you by using your money.
8. Want you to pay their bills.
9. They are very good in bed, but you have to pay them.
10. They won't pay child supports.

So if your loving partner is a bum.... what would you do?

Do you love him or her so much to let him or her go?

Is it okay for female to be a bum, since men suppose to be providers anyway?

Men who are bum, they ought to be ashame of themselves?
If my hubby or b/f was a Bum....then I would USE him to clean the house, take care of the kids, cook dinner, etc., while I worked. If he would not agree to do that, then of course I would kick him out. Simply because I will not be used by a bum....

Love doesn't pay the Rent!....If a man loves a Lady, he will do everything in his power to support her. If he can't find a job, then he can take care of the house and kids while the female works to support the family.
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