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CI= cochlear implant for short.

I never learned Spanish sign language. I never did. Then, I came to the United States and learned it in English from interpreters in 7th grade through oral of course, or I wouldn't make out what sign language meant.

Well, you could a bit right Tousi. I perform the best with CI along with lipreading. Without CI, I am lost most of the time unless you do have a good mouth movement. It was the same with hearing aids, I used to perform best with HA and lipreading, I remember that very clearly. Unless again, if you had good mouth movement.

I do feel that my lipreading improved a lot because at one time with HA, I asked myself why I didn't lipread as good sometimes, and I thought that having an interpreter with sign language diminished my skills because when the terp used only oral, I would get little. I did ask for an oral intepreter at first, but they sent me a very unskilled oral interpreter who was used to sign language, so when she used oral alone I couldn't get most of what she said because she sped her mouth movements, so I let her use sign language from then on, so I didn't care anymore because I knew she would always mention how uncomfortable she was being an oral interpreter when she had absolutely no experience , but I always paid attention to the mouth because that was my main thing that kept me understanding, but if sign langauge was right or wrong, it didn't matter because the mouth was my life saver.
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