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I born in 1965;

I was a baby in the carriage that floating on the water, army ambulance boat found me and brought into the Mayo hospital (Univ of Minnesota). My real parent died in the flash flood.

I live in the children's rehab residential hospital next to the Mayo hospital.

I was about 4 years old, I tripped the electric cord and fall onto floor in my hospital room. Nurse rushed into my room and I broke my arm after tripped over. Nurse took me to the emergency x-ray to take a picture of my arm, the doctor order put cast on my arm. The cast operator wrapped up on my arm.

Nurse take me back to my floor, wandering every rooms, I found a wheelchairs in the storage. I played the power wheelchair just fun and banging around. Nurse heard noise that I playing a power wheelchair, she scolded on me lol..

I play the wooden rehab stuffs and eat foods in the patient cafe room.

I barged into other patient room that girl flirted me, she liked me. she's about 5 or 6 years old. she had a leg braces..

So then when the hospital sounding the fire alarm.. nurse and doctors huddled all children patients and me into the end of hallway wait for the firefighter comes in then hospital PA system say "All Clear".

I was a Pre-school grade, I ride on my private ambulance for school transportation. due the hospital closed the pre-school classes that why.

Then K-grade new adoption parent picked me up. ride on the private school van (VW Bus)

1974 I borrowed my brother's bike and the car hits me left me black out..then I woke up in the ambulance (Station wagon ambulances) and hear the siren blaring. I go back to sleep again.

after the hospital discharged.. my dad placed me on the couch for resting.. I watched "Emergency!" on tv (LACoFD 51). they had a color tv with knobs for channels and volume.

1975's still in school and ride new yellow school van they have a flasher on the roof bar with "School bus" sign (dodge vans). private bus company closed (Green and white VW bus).

1977 brand new MX bicycle for me then having a surgery in the Mayo hospital..

1980 new boombox stereo till 1984 I repainted my boombox to white/black and circle T just like our city buses theme.

Broomball game accident, my PE teacher called the school nurse (phone box in the chalet) then high school police (Hall monitor) with army cot (stretcher) rushed over to the ice pond across from the high school.

while I am in school nurse room, the nurse called my dad, and he asked to call an ambulance. so then nurse called an ambulance, private ambulance picked me up and rushing to the hospital as code 3 light and siren.

1990 I live in an apartment for my own live in. I get a TTY and closed caption decoder box.. I found the TTY BBS good for Metro TTY news and "Metro Deaf BBS" that computer run a TTY software for a BBS.

1992 Metro Deaf BBS closed and then I took over the SysOp sold me, I remodeling the computer and stuffs.. started new Metro Deaf BBS that I am an SysOp run the system till 1996 BBS closed for good.

1994 new tv with CC build-in.

1995 internet browsing and stuffs.

2000 Computer and cellphones.

2002 new laptop computer

2001 move into new apartment and terrorist attacked on WTC

2005 same old

2010 same old

2011 new mac laptop.
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