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Originally Posted by Bebonang View Post
You are not the only one. I was born in 1945. Yep, those were the days when we had those things when I was growing up what you mentioned above. Those things were from the middle Fifties to the Sixties. I remembered I had the old teletypewriter machine for TTY before we had the small compact TDD when I went to visit my friend's house. There were some good days and some bad days. Life in the old days were pretty hard to live by, even in the 21st century as there were many discrimination against Native Americans and Blacks including me.
well, girls!...born in 1946..but don't feel old...(didn't say I don't look it tho'!)....remember the crinlins with bells under my skirts....bee-hive hair do's (I "teased" my hair every day!) and pink lipstick.....bows of all different colors in our hair.....hula-hoops....pepsi & potato chips & Milky Way candy restaurants with curb service, soda shops where we all gathered to dance with the juke box, (Chubby Checker singing...."Let's Do The Twist") and Elvis....while we drank milk shakes....and of course, you were "cool" if you smoked cigarettes (or thought you were).....the guys with greasy hair....lots of memories, mostly good ones.
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