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I was born in 1962. I started school in Canada. The playground was divided so that boys played on one side, girls on the other, and we weren't supposed to cross into the other side.
Sometimes my dad let me stay up late and watch Hogan's Heroes with him, but mostly we didn't watch television.
My mom went back to work full time when I was just a few weeks old, and I was always one of the only kids on our block whose mom worked.

We moved to the States later and I remember being in the sixth grade when girls were allowed to wear pants to school for the first time (except not me). I remember when the Viet Nam War ended.

In the seventies I remember long hair, smock tops, painter pants, pot everywhere, and huge keg parties by kids at school out in the desert (I lived in Arizona by then).

In the eighties I briefly did college in Portland Oregon (and a couple of ASL classes and a Deaf church), but then I was married and starting a family and we moved to Japan. I remember being very sad that I couldn't afford a cabbage patch doll or rainbow brite doll for my little girls for Christmas.
In the 90s we lived in Alaska and several other states and added five more kids to our family. I really was too busy for pop culture and was actively rejecting the materialism that comes with it, and turned down free cabbage patch dolls at garage sales.=)
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